What the pros are thankful for

by Mike Sloan | source: espn.go.com

Dan Hardy:
I'm thankful for my health and quality of life, my girl and my family. I'm thankful to be a part of the UFC and all of the fans that support me. Oh, and to Carlos for the wakeup call to get my s--- together and refocus on training.

Stephane Vigneault:
I am thankful Cain Velasquez took the belt from Brock.

Robin Black:
I am thankful for the UFC, Georges St. Pierre, [UFC President] Dana White and stuff making people so hungry for MMA in Canada that I can work in the media and make a half-decent living in the sport that I love. I am thankful that I am a bantamweight, so I never have to get smashed by Lesnar or elasquez or Carwin. I am thankful I don't have gross staph and that the paralysis in my face from a bad punch went away after four months.

Erik Paulson:
I'm thankful for big seats in first class on American Airlines. Also, I'm thankful for our freedom thanks to our troops. God bless … Hoorah! And I'm thankful for one more thing: living on Earth in the best of times the entire human race has ever experienced. Think about it. We have the best of everything and are as spoiled as s---! Be truly gracious for your great life, as many others were never so fortunate as we. Say "thank you" and smile!

Mike Whitehead:
"You will never have to work another day if you get paid doing what you love." I am thankful for my family, friends, health and that I get paid doing something I love.

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