CSAC challenges Sonnen’s rumored TRT defense

source: fightersonlymagazine.co.uk

Chael Sonnen will not be able to use Testosterone Replacement Therapy as an excuse for failing his UFC 117 drug tests, according to a  California State Athletic Commission executive George Dodd.

The CSAC does allows athletes to undergo TRT, but the exception is made with two caveats. First,, the fighter must give adequate prior notification to CSAC. And second, the fighter must not show levels of testosterone outside the norm when he is tested.

“We have to clear it. We need to get necessary documentation from a physician saying why you’re on this medication, ‘these are the treatments that we’ve attempted and it hasn’t worked or it has." Dodd told MMAFA.tv "Then we forward that information to our ring-side physician for review. If our physician agrees with their doctor then as long as they don’t test outside of a particular range they are fine.”

Sonnen’s appeal hearing is set for December 2nd. He will be joined - in theory - by Josh Barnett, who is set to appeal the results of a test which stopped him getting a license to fight at Affliction Trilogy last year, which inadvertently killed the promotion.

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caged conflict site profile image  

11/28/10 11:40 PM by caged conflict

Smartest comment on this thread so far.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

11/28/10 11:35 PM by WRESTLENOW

snarl snatch is like a reverse non-funny OMA.

Snarl Snatch site profile image  

11/28/10 8:26 PM by Snarl Snatch

It's called a super-cycle for a reason. Generally, you just don't wanna go past 2 grams total of anything, the only reason for that is because EQ takes so long to take effect, so if you don't start it at the beginning, when you do, it'll be like you're only cycling test for a long ass time.Over a gram of test feels great. I wouldn't do a cycle like that every year, but once, I would like to. I know guys who did what I posted there and then some for A DECADE...they can't have kids, I don't wanna be like them.

JonnySak site profile image  

11/28/10 4:11 PM by JonnySak

lol @ over a gram of test plus all that other shit. Obvious troll is obvious (now that is)I'm an idiot for even responding to him.

NHB USA site profile image  

11/28/10 4:02 PM by NHB USA

   Snarl Snatch is a complete troll.  He is trying to confuse you guys (and potentially harm you guys if you listen to him)  This guy recentely got a green name, I just hope noone listens to anything he has to say, because he's completely wrong (on purpose). Just take a look at some shit he was saying on the "Winstrol Thread". www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm

Kid Gruesome site profile image  

11/28/10 2:30 PM by Kid Gruesome

Sorry, that was my fault. I added a period after the link to end the sentence. Copy and paste the one below, and it should work. I just checked it to make sure.http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum.posts&forum=1&thread=1639133&page=1

Pink Bunkadoo site profile image  

11/28/10 11:49 AM by Pink Bunkadoo

hmmm...the thread is gone

Kid Gruesome site profile image  

11/28/10 5:59 AM by Kid Gruesome

We had a great discussion on TRT and therapeutic use exemptions in this thread: http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum.posts&forum=1&thread=1639133&page=1. Everyone reading this far should go read that entire thread.Snarl Snatch, no offense, but you don't know as much about juicing as you think you do, which is a bit scary since you're open about your past use. You still seem to have this notion that the only purpose of steroids and PEDs in general is to get massive bulk. That's simply not the case. There are plenty of steroids that people do take to get bigger, but there's a hell of a lot more to PEDs than just getting big. For one simple example, I've seen you mention in several threads that juicing kills your cardio. Some will, absolutely, but there's a ton of PEDs you can use to greatly increase your cardio... just look at cycling and all the PEDs used there. The primary purpose for most of their PEDs is to increase cardio.

Snarl Snatch site profile image  

11/28/10 3:17 AM by Snarl Snatch

Good, I can tell, you do have some knowledge of the subject...similar to mine, minus the personal experience and observation. So, you can say what you want about my comments but I didn't pull them out of my ass. It's just that first hand experience has changed my perspective to the point that you may not be able to understand it based purely on medical journals.Like, did any of those journals cover what happens when you're on 2 grams of test per week? No.Do they cover bodybuilding doses (or higher) of deca? No.So...your knowledge is limited and that's OK, and we can debate the merits and toxicicity of any given steroid on a more-or-less even playing field because I have not tried them all and I won't pretend I have...but you shouldn't pretend to know more than me, because you just don't.

46and2 site profile image  

11/27/10 11:59 PM by 46and2

Please research shit before you make such idiotic statements. TRT is juicing? Really? Do you know what TRT is??If TRT is being done right, all it does it take someone with ABNORMALLY LOW levels of testosterone and bring them up into NORMAL range. Normal ranges of testosterone don't give someone an unfair advantage. Now, a doc could give you too much and give you high levels of test, but you would drop dirty on your urine test and it would be obvious. This is not the purpose of TRT. Some of these MMA fighters could be training so hard and cutting weight that it could have negative effects on their testosterone production. Usually someone as young as Sonnen wouldn't have a problem, but it's possible. Many things, and past abuse of steroids being one of them, can cause someone to have low natural levels of testosterone. If it is being done right, there is no unfair advantage. If someone had low testosterone, it would be VERY difficult to be an MMA fighter. They would suffer from lethargy, their muscles would not repair themselves after hard training, they would possibly have increased fat gain from an out of whack estrogen to testosterone ratio, decreased aggression, etc. Bringing their testosterone up to normal levels with injections would simply allow them to train and heal like a "normal" person. JonnySak that was a good post above, you seem to know your stuff.