DFW to Reinstate Gerald Harris Campaign: "No"

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Eric Germano
  is a movement on twitter. Paying attention @FC" data-screen-name="ufc" rel="nofollow" class=" twitter-atreply">ufc @?
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@: RT @: So if @ is really listening to public sentiment on twitter he'll  Everybody get on it!! Please Retweet!
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BringBackGeraldHarris site profile image  

12/7/10 2:10 PM by BringBackGeraldHarris


smth416 site profile image  

11/30/10 1:50 PM by smth416

Things like this just give UFC/Dana haters and fags like Haulport to bitch and moan.

smth416 site profile image  

11/30/10 1:49 PM by smth416

Uncle Justice is correct.

piratepirate site profile image  

11/30/10 1:44 PM by piratepirate

 Exactly. THe bulk of people on here bitching are hypocrites. Nobody wants to see LNP or WallNStall, but nobody wants anybody to get cut either? Pick what you want people.

piratepirate site profile image  

11/30/10 1:43 PM by piratepirate

 He wasn't that hurt, his legs weren't wobbled, etc... He was "hurt" in round 2. He had a break, and came back out just fine. I am not a professional fighter, I would love to see Gerald Harris handle a string of 12 hour shifts at my ER, but he isn't a fucking medical professional is he? No. STFU If you want to FIGHT for a living, you're probably going to be expected to FIGHT.

Uncle Justice site profile image  

11/30/10 11:35 AM by Uncle Justice

 Really though?  It's still "weird", knowing that a significant lack of effort and risk resulting in the most disappointing fight on the PPV portion is what gets people cut? I don't agree with it, and it's not what I would do, but I don't seem to have as much trouble with it as everyone else.  Just make sure that all of you who are horribly offended by this are not the ones screaming that yellow cards are the answer, because Dana just handed out the biggest yellow card in the history of MMA. Gerald is a big boy.  This is on him; he knew it was a bad showing and said after the fight (before he was cut) that he was just thrilled to still have a job because of all the new WEC fighters forcing the UFC to be extremely selective with their roster.  All he has to do to prove this was a bad move is go out and kill a few people outside the UFC, and they'll bring him back.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

11/29/10 6:19 PM by WRESTLENOW

^ falcao is a tough guy, no shame in that loss.however i find its strange Dave Branch is fighting at the finale in a week, and Harris who slam KOed him is going to be in a local show somewhere, weird.

TheCoalitionCFM site profile image  

11/29/10 12:59 AM by TheCoalitionCFM

That's what I was thinking too. It's hard to imagine Hurricane is cut for good, but it may be better for him in long run to get more experience elsewhere improving his JJ game and then having a longer life in the UFC the second time around.... I hope. I really enjoyed his fights and don't fault him a bit in his last fight.

Tankhead site profile image  

11/29/10 12:06 AM by Tankhead

If he was cut for fake tapping, Chael should be gone too. That dude does it all the time.

UltraMagnus site profile image  

11/28/10 10:39 PM by UltraMagnus

UFC = WWEDana White = Vince