Matt Brown not cut by UFC

by Oliver Saenz | source:

In the rush to get to the next big story as quickly as possible, sometimes details get overlooked and the truth gets obscured or even outright forgotten. UFC star Matt Brown likely had a fun few hours when he first got hold of an online report stating that he had been released from his UFC contract. That turned out not to be the case

Bleacher Report gives us a nice little synopsis of this particular mini-scandal: earlier this week, on a broadcast of ESPN’s “MMA Live”, it was reported that Matt Brown had been cut from the UFC after losing three straight fights, all of them by submission. According to famed internet journalist Ariel Helwani, however, that is not the case. Helwani recently took to Twitter to announce that Brown will in fact remain employed with the UFC, citing the UFC itself as his source.

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Recent Comments »

10mtncombat site profile image  

11/28/10 6:19 PM by 10mtncombat

i have never been impressed with brown. i thought judging by others that were cut, he should have been cut a long time ago. he will never be anything in the ufc

superCalo site profile image  

11/28/10 5:53 PM by superCalo

brown seems to tap very early to submissions for someone who calls himself the immortal not saying or implying that he uses it as a out of a fight if its too hard or is gassing and dosent want to go another round or anything, as I dont believe he would do that, but he needs to get the Tony Robbins dVds or something to get some motivation to keep going when times are tough, not give up but strive to say Yes istead of no.

Herring In A Fur Coat site profile image  

11/28/10 5:45 PM by Herring In A Fur Coat

While going 0-3 in UFC usually gets a fighter cut, exceptions are made for certain fighters, usually for obvious reasons: Brown, Ortiz, Jardine, Danzig, Cote...

NHB USA site profile image  

11/28/10 5:23 PM by NHB USA

 ^^^ I did say I thought Gerald should've gotten an undercard slot before getting cut.

BROTHER WISDOM site profile image  

11/28/10 5:12 PM by BROTHER WISDOM

So 1 bad round in 4 fights is reason to get cut? There is absolutely no way to justify that. Douchebag move by the UFC imo

epwar site profile image  

11/28/10 4:14 PM by epwar

Isn't James McSweeney still on the roster with a 4-6 record. He's no Gerald Harris. 'nuff said.

Sagiv Lapkin site profile image  

11/28/10 3:46 PM by Sagiv Lapkin

 He should be cut IMO. With an overall record of 11-10, and 3 straight losses in a row it seems to me that he's not of the caliber of fighter who should be fighting in the UFC. I'm sure that there are plenty of young up and comers who could do more with his spot in the UFC. I'm sure he'd do great in a smaller show.

NHB USA site profile image  

11/28/10 3:16 PM by NHB USA

 I hate that douchebag.  That's where I heard "Matt Brown was cut" as well. Like Joe Rogan says about that show... "If your names not Kenny Florian... PLEASE STFU!" hahahaha !

NHB USA site profile image  

11/28/10 3:14 PM by NHB USA

I've never seen Matt Brown do completely nothing, then stall out a 3rd round when he KNEW he lost the entire fight so far.  I did see Gereld Harris do that, and that's why he was cut.  It's the fashion he lost in, and it's not like we're talking about Rampage, or Evans, or Tito, this is Gerald Harris...most, probably all casual fans don't even know who he is.  He should have been sent to the undercards for one more chance, but people do not pay to see THAT.  Brown's fights are always free on Spike TV because they know it will always be exciting, and competitive.  

Justinmacd site profile image  

11/28/10 3:13 PM by Justinmacd

Jon Anik gets another scoop completely wrong.