Lauzon: Legs felt like concrete, don't know why

by Dan Duggan | source:

In the first round of his fight against George Sotiropoulos Lauzon came out with a surge of energy, which he used to get the better of the stand-up exchanges.

“I figured the second round would be more like the first. But getting off the stool for the second round, my legs felt like concrete. I don’t know why or what happened. I felt pretty good at the end of the first, but at the beginning of the second I felt dead. It was like I got worse. Instead of recovering, I got way worse.”

“I’m not even sure. It had to be an adrenaline dump. I think I pushed a pretty good pace in the first round, but I didn’t feel like it was something that would make me gassed. I felt good at the end of my first walking back to my corner. I was a little winded, but I was OK.”

“It’s definitely something we have to address and figure out before we fight again. I can’t keep having this happen.”

“It’s definitely good to take that step back and get my breath and reorganize and regroup.”

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shlever site profile image  

12/1/10 10:57 AM by shlever

 You think Randy Couture has better conditioning, recovery and oxygen efficiency than a 22 year old kid on steroids? No he doesnt. But he isnt dealing with raging adrenaline dump and a hormonal nightmare going on when the bell rings so he is able to utilize what he has much more effiently.    Here is a different way to put it. If you sat in an emty room with a chair in the middle and where told to sit totally still and not move for 5 minutes. Then we put a live full grown Tiger loose in the room with you to sniff and snarl at you the whole time under the assumption he would eat you alive if you as much as moved to much, you would be completely gassed when you where done sitting there doing absolutely nothing.    

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

12/1/10 10:48 AM by ranier wolfcastle

 lactic acidosis

Pink Bunkadoo site profile image  

12/1/10 10:30 AM by Pink Bunkadoo

the couch potato is strong in this thread. Do you think pro fighters might know their own pace? Do you think they train harder than they fight? Gassed is right up there with lay and pray on the ignorance meter. Amazing other pro athletes seem to have no trouble doing something for more than five minutes, yet mma fighters "don't know how to pace themselves" Please Lord, lead me to another message board were there is less phaggotry.

shlever site profile image  

12/1/10 9:13 AM by shlever

^^^Because adrenaline is not as much of an issue for them.  

shlever site profile image  

12/1/10 9:11 AM by shlever

Adrenaline dump has absolutely nothing to do with your conditioning or pace. It's a hard wired physiological response controlled by hormones. He can probably spar full speed hard for 40 minutes straight in his gym. To fans "adrenaline dump" sounds like a cop out but it's not. Anytime an elite athlete in mma gases in under 5 minutes it is usually adrenaline dump. It is very hard to learn how to control it. Some people simply cannot physcially. This is also why guys like Randy or Sakuraba stay game way past their prime and their fights are so long and grinding.    

pcuzz site profile image  

12/1/10 9:00 AM by pcuzz

Just my opinion (no science) but my guys tend to do better if they do some very light exercise the day before the fight, I usually get them to doing submission/position drills and pad drills heavy heavy emphasis on light these drills we do are specific for the fight gameplan just to reinforce what we want to do.

sly fox site profile image  

12/1/10 8:39 AM by sly fox

yeah you're responsible... damn good pics tho!I interviewed a fighter and then watched him do rounds of conditioning and then rounds of pads, he was doing 15 rounds, and i got bored and left after 7 intense rounds, the same fighter a week later gassed after the first round, that round was standup and wasnt as intense as the rounds id seen him train... why the discrepancy?adrenaline + weight cut??

sly fox site profile image  

12/1/10 8:31 AM by sly fox

was that the one against jonathan mack?  

edubbs site profile image  

12/1/10 8:17 AM by edubbs

Maybe the cut/re-hydrating could play a factor? You're in the gym everyday going with fresh guys at walking weight, then you draw yourself out and step in a little off?Joe Rogan was talking about this on his podcast recently. Saying guys more close or guys not even having to cut have the upper hand now-a-days.

Hungry4Stink site profile image  

12/1/10 7:32 AM by Hungry4Stink

If you think it's working for you then you might not want to change. However endurance coaching wisdom generally frowns upon it and if you are feeling heavy legged like Joe during a fight you definitely want to workout the day before a fight.  You can read a detailed description of how cyclists prepare for a time trial competition. A time trial is a race against the clock and is usually longer than an MMA fight, maybe 30 minutes to an hour, but requires the type of constant effort that fighters have to expend in the cage. Here is the plan. Pay attention to the day before the time trial on the second page down: The most important thing is to cut down your workload in the week leading up to the fight to get your rest. Fighters also have to deal with weight cuts so that has be factored in but to fully be prepared you should have a training and diet plan you stick to that doesn't require drastic action in the days before the fight. Obviously that's harder if you are trying to make a weight for the first time or take a fight on short notice though.