Gary Goodridge - 'Dear FEG: PAY ME MY MONEY'

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From: Big Daddy Goodridge
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It’s been almost a year since I fought Mousasi at FEG’s NYE show in Japan. I want my money. I stayed quiet because I thought they were going to pay me but I still haven’t seen a penny. I have bills I have to pay. I worked for the Japanese people for over a decade, and I never thought they would treat me like this. I always fought whoever they asked me to, whenever they asked me to. I was in rough shape before I took the fight against Mousasi but they needed a fighter with only a week to go before the show so I stepped up for the fans. Now they won’t answer my calls and nobody will talk to me. I have had my lawyer and my manager call them but they have not been able to get an answer.

Please ask FEG USA employee Mike Kogan for my money. Even though my contract was not with him, he is the representative for the Japanese people. Maybe he can help get an answer from Iash the owner of K1. They have always been great to me but I really need this money in these hard times. I hope they will stop screwing me.

Anybody that works for FEG, Dream or K1 should be able to find out an answer about my money.

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BabyZeus site profile image  

1/7/11 9:40 AM by BabyZeus

Happy New Year Big Daddy...tell your sis the same!

toknari site profile image  

1/7/11 9:26 AM by toknari

toknari site profile image  

1/7/11 9:25 AM by toknari


whiteghost site profile image  

1/6/11 11:58 PM by whiteghost

ttt Big Daddy finally gets his payday (though 9k short).

A Dingo Ate My Creepy site profile image  

1/6/11 12:24 PM by A Dingo Ate My Creepy

 Hopefully Big Daddy got paid over the holidays, somehow I doubt it tho ttt

toknari site profile image  

12/23/10 7:06 AM by toknari


BruceLeeMMAfighting site profile image  

12/16/10 2:04 AM by BruceLeeMMAfighting

Cool Gary,Hope everything works out.This type of thing happens in many industries and countries to players nearing retirement. The Chicago Bears still haven't paid former NFL all pro Wilber Marshall his guaranteed signing bonus money from the late eighties.Recent Wilber Marshall interview talking about not being paid by the Chicago Bears:


12/16/10 1:51 AM by K-Dub-"T"


Big Daddy Goodridge site profile image  

12/16/10 1:43 AM by Big Daddy Goodridge

 Happy holidays everyone. I hope that Mike Kogan is not just talking and that I get my money. I will let you all know.

Swock Breath site profile image  

12/15/10 4:55 PM by Swock Breath

 How we lookin' G?