Garcia takes highly controversial split decision over Phan

by Trent Reinsmith | source:

The first round appeared to have gone to Phan as he was the aggressor, using strikes to control the action while Garcia seemed content to throw wild looping punches that occasionally landed, but did no damage.

Garcia's came out much more aggressive to start the second round, but gassed midway through the round. Phan then dropped Garcia to the ground, took his back, and spent the rest of the round looking for the choke.

Garcia cut Phan early in the third round using his wild punching style. Phan again waited until Garcia was tired and then used strikes to gain the advantage over the clearly gassed Garcia.

When the judges cards were read the crowd reacted immediately, with chants of "b-------" drowning Joe Rogan's attempted to interview Garcia. Rogan calls the judges out from the middle of the cage.

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FightMetric shows a clear win for Phan:

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Below, Phan reacts with disbelief post fight:


Garcua gives his view on the decision:

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Apcalypto site profile image  

12/5/10 5:19 PM by Apcalypto

I hope this is a lesson that fighters need to finish and not leave it up to judges and fans to decide who got their ass kicked. And with the the way Dana runs his organization if a fighter puts on one shitty performance it looks like you're getting cut these days.

Mmanizzle site profile image  

12/5/10 3:33 PM by Mmanizzle

"Nevada Athletic Commission are incompetent morons - Joe Rogan" Thanks for having a huge set of balls to say that Joe - Thanks! Yes, Robbery in front of our eyes - Nam will come back stronger than before...  

frombrooklynwithlove site profile image  

12/5/10 6:19 AM by frombrooklynwithlove

What the fuck is this shit?

frombrooklynwithlove site profile image  

12/5/10 6:14 AM by frombrooklynwithlove

Absolutely true.Worst decision robbery I've ever witnessed. I can't stand this shit. When a fighter looks surprised to have his hand raised, you know shit's rotten.Oh, and "omgwtfeat1" needs to be voted down into oblivion.

Top Team site profile image  

12/5/10 5:26 AM by Top Team

 This takedown bs excuses is weak! Neither of those takedowns were finished, let alone controlling.  If somehow they were to be considered solid takedowns (someone sprawling against the fence?) then there was no damage whatsoever after the fact.  That has to be taken into accountability.

sniper1026 site profile image  

12/5/10 4:23 AM by sniper1026

What a robbery.

MoBeffah site profile image  

12/5/10 4:07 AM by MoBeffah

Thanks BuddyRevel for the vid. I watche the fights and couldn't hear where I was at and I missed out on joes rant. I'd vote up if I could.

joe bruce site profile image  

12/5/10 3:47 AM by joe bruce

it went the distance, "wins" that dont end with stoppage dont count as much as a real stoppage IMO

Jason UT site profile image  

12/5/10 3:30 AM by Jason UT

Ogir just fuck you man, fuck your stupid ass you hell.

Katsumoto site profile image  

12/5/10 3:25 AM by Katsumoto

i just didn't understand this decision at all. the judges must be on the mafia payroll or something.