Steve Cofield criticizes Joe Rogan for crticizing judges

by Steve Cofield | source:

There's been some shaky decisions on UFC cards all over the world in 2010, but last night Rogan launched into an attack on the quality of judging in Nevada.

"I think (Kizer) needs to clean house. There's a few very good judges surrounded by a bunch of incompetent morons, who know nothing about the sport .... They need to do something about that, because it's ruining MMA. It's making people think that the sport is corrupt. It has nothing to do with corruption. It's sheer and total incompetence."

It's not ruining the sport. And unless the broadcasters at the event harp on this judging incompetancy thing, most casual fans will let shaky decisions slide after a few days.

It makes it difficult to sell dummies like N.Y. assemblyman Bob Reilly on the notion that the sport is safe and legitimatewhen some of the biggest people around the sport undermine the effort by saying MMA is way short on qualified referees and judges.

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Recent Comments »

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

12/6/10 11:00 PM by Jons Forsberg

What's that has to do with anything? Larry Merchant is a raging alcoholic. Joe doesn't have a "drug problem" even tough he uses and promotes it.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

12/6/10 10:53 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

This is the first time ever that folks are looking for footage of a fight solely for the commentary. Sorry Hendricks and Story, those views aren't for anything you two were doing.

Chael HalfTheBallsTwiceTheMan site profile image  

12/6/10 10:43 PM by Chael HalfTheBallsTwiceTheMan

To be fair tr1ps, it was during the Story-Hendricks fight. If it wasn't for that rant, the production truck might have been begging him and Goldberg to start singing "I Got You babe" to each other, to keep people engaged.

tr1ps site profile image  

12/6/10 8:44 PM by tr1ps

I was pretty shocked with the rant as well. It wasn't just "that was bad decision" Joe, rightly or wrongly, went to town on the judging.I agree with him on everything he said I was just shocked he continued on with the rant during a fight. It wasn't like it was after the event in a podcast or something, there was a fight going on!Really though, Joe's a fan before commentator IMO. He was pissed off with a dud decision and expressed his thoughts. I like that he has that kind of passion for the sport that he got that mad at a shit decision. Maybe next time he'd be better served to wait until after the current fight has finished but I completely understand getting angry about dodgy decisions when you're a fan.PS: First post, 10ers gonna 10, DFW lover ect ect

Chael HalfTheBallsTwiceTheMan site profile image  

12/6/10 8:37 PM by Chael HalfTheBallsTwiceTheMan

Actually, the more I think about it, maybe I was wrong. I remember back in the 80's watching Yankee games, and Phil Rizzuto always going off on Rickey Henderson, calling him a faggot for not playing when he pulled his hammy. And during a Monday Night Football game, Al Michaels and Dan Dierdorf recalling when they went out to the desert one night and dropped acid and took mushrooms. And then talking about Ray Lewis being able to rape them if he wanted.

UhUmWellUm site profile image  

12/6/10 3:38 PM by UhUmWellUm

Cofield is an idiot

buckshot44 site profile image  

12/6/10 3:26 PM by buckshot44

I agree with Rogan.. something needs to be done. It's not doing the sport any favors when clearly Nam Phan should have won that fight. Rubish on many levels.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

12/6/10 3:22 PM by JimmersonzGlove

 I don't agree when people say "UFC has nothing to do with the judges." First off, they lobbyed in CA against Pride rules. Second, they hire refs/judges for their foreign shows.

walknazty site profile image  

12/6/10 2:56 PM by walknazty

Joe Rogan was absolutely right. I have been judging professional and amateur surfing competitions for 10 years and I have never seen so many results that were wrong as a result of poor judging. In the events that I have been involved in I would say it was usually around 5 to 10% of the heats where the results were wrong. A major reason why the judging in surfing competition is consistent is because all of the judges are surfers.Imagine how much better the judging in MMA would be if the judges were actual fighters or fight coaches?