Nam Phan: 'I should offer him a rematch'


AP: Anything you felt you should have done differently?

NP: No I felt I did the perfect game plan and I executed it. I guess I should just stop training and go out on the streets and learn to fight with some cholos.

AP: Garcia mentioned a rematch, are you interested?

NP: Man, I should be offering him a rematch because I won.

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Recent Comments »

ZugZug site profile image  

12/7/10 6:58 PM by ZugZug

Good god you morons... Did you even watch the event? Rogan tried to get people to stop booing like he ALWAYS DOES.TARDS GUNNA FUCKING TAAAAAAAARRRRDDDDDDDDYES I FUCKING MAD AS HELL

Mike F site profile image  

12/7/10 6:52 PM by Mike F

Nam was obviously trying to be funny. You can say he did a terrible job at it but to call to make it like he is racist is fucking stupid. Don't get me wrong, Nam Phan may be the most racist fuck on the planet but basing it on that comment makes you a dummy. I don't know if there needs to be a rematch. Garcia looked awful after the first minute of every round. I don't know if I've ever seen a guy pull so many punches out of his pockets and asshole in my life. Even though most of them came nowhere close to scoring I almost believe the judges are retarded enough to not know the difference.

mijo site profile image  

12/7/10 6:34 PM by mijo

Shit is getting old. Pham did not win. Garcia did.

hypoxia site profile image  

12/7/10 6:21 PM by hypoxia

I am offended by that cholo's flow. He should work with a metronome to improve his timing.

TX_432 site profile image  

12/7/10 6:11 PM by TX_432

I'm Mexican and I'm not offended cholo actually means gangster. I'm sure Garcia will get his shit together for their second fight and win decisively then all this Nam Phan nonsense will go away.

Rafael135 site profile image  

12/7/10 6:01 PM by Rafael135

I thought Nam controlled the fight, got clean strikes, knocked down Garcia, got close to getting a submission, and avoided being in danger. He did get taken down, but quickly got back up and Garcia did no damage whatsoever. I understand why Nam Phan would be upset over this decision. But, talking about it won't do any good because it is still a loss on his professional record. He should fight Garcia in a rematch and have no intention on the next fight going to a decision.

japetto site profile image  

12/7/10 5:55 PM by japetto

Capn, the thing is Garcia's technique has come under fire lately because it is sorely lacking.  It's not like Nam said he has no heart, or something that we all know isn't true.  The truth is Garcia just "stands and Wangs", and he isn't even known for having a good ground game.

LateStart site profile image  

12/7/10 5:49 PM by LateStart

It is a white person thing to assume other races will be offended when they actually aren't .. this is where over the top political correctness has come from.

LateStart site profile image  

12/7/10 5:47 PM by LateStart

I am sick of hearing about this

CapnsavemIsDead site profile image  

12/7/10 5:42 PM by CapnsavemIsDead

Lol Jimmersonz- it's getting hectic