Dan Hardy: I can't wrestle for s---

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Does GSP play to win?

"I don't know...it's difficult. It's difficult to judge sometimes between a guy who is trying to finish the fight and one who is out there simply to please the judges. In the fight with GSP it felt like I was under pressure for the entire 25 minutes. It was clear that GSP didn't want to stand and kickbox and that's fair enough. That is his prerogative and that's why he is the champion.Not only is he very good at what he does but he also knows how to win fights. I can't take anything away from him for that but at the same time it is not the way I would choose to fight.

"Then again I can't wrestle for s--- and I'm not a blackbelt. That is partly the reason I suppose. I know I have a good left hook and I rely on that most of the time."

" Some think that I'm just a loudmouth that likes to throw punches but I've been studying martial arts constantly for 22 years. It's something that I have dedicated my life to and there is no doubt that I would like to continue to do it for the rest of my life as well. The red mohawk and tattoos might be a little misleading but it is part of the reason I have gone back to working the gi...just to get back to being a martial artist."

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Archer0545 site profile image  

12/8/10 7:02 AM by Archer0545

"I cant wrestle for shit" -Dan Hardy No offense but I believe I'll take his word for it.  

Jaybrone site profile image  

12/8/10 6:33 AM by Jaybrone

Hardy's honest self critique is not an excuse. Being honest on the gaps in you game is much different then making excuses. He was honest about why he lost that is not making an excuse.

stlnl2 site profile image  

12/8/10 6:28 AM by stlnl2

Hughes might not have a BJJ belt........but, lets be real, he beat guys like Almedia in Abu Dhabi years ago, he also has consistently shown he has great grappling on the mat with his positioning and simply tends to pound guys rather than submit them. That armbar he got GSP with, was a high level counter to a guy grabbing you with a Kimura grip as you pass guard, so though he may not have a BB to wear, bet your ass, Hughes is easily BB level in pure submission grappling.

Tkelly647 site profile image  

12/8/10 6:08 AM by Tkelly647

 What are you talking about? People beat black belts in bjj in mma all the time without having a bb, that is actually one of the stupidest things ive ever heard. GSP's first loss was to someone who has no bjj belt by armbar!

John Nic site profile image  

12/7/10 4:51 PM by John Nic

He shouldn't have fought gsp especially considering he isint even a black belt in bjj. Now instead of moving on and growing he always is bringing the gsp fight up to justify losing to a guy who won't be beaten at 170. Should have trained more guard bro

DoomFarmer site profile image  

12/7/10 4:45 PM by DoomFarmer

Is that why Davis looked liked fuckin Quasimodo after the fight? Because Hardy just layed on him?

MakeMeBleed site profile image  

12/7/10 3:28 PM by MakeMeBleed

he will do well in strikeforce with daley

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

12/7/10 3:09 PM by ABE FROMAN

7er's gonna 10  

superCalo site profile image  

12/7/10 3:06 PM by superCalo

Hes a professional mixed martial artist and admitting he is not a mixed martial artist and only has a good left hook and got beaten because of that is a excuse, I'm not saying its not a legitimate excuse at all, because it is, but its still a excuse nevertheless.

Einar site profile image  

12/7/10 2:59 PM by Einar

What? thats not excuses, its admitting what he isnt good at. Making excuses would be claiming to be injured in training, or having the flu, anything that suggests that he would have won if only that thing that is beyond his control wasnt in the way.Admitting that you have huge holes in your game isnt an excuse, its honesty.