TUF Finale 2.3 million viewer peak, Strikeforce peaks at 465,000

source: mmajunkie.com

The ratings are in from Saturday's head-to-head MMA events. The shows did not evenly compete as Spike is available in more than 98 million homes, while Showtime, a premium channel that costs an additional fee, has about 18 million subscribers. Complicating the comparison, Showtime aired Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Babalu for free, in an effort to gain more subscribers. Finally, the Strikeforce event offered their best fighters, while the TUF Finale  was a free TV level show, rather than a PPV 

Although Strikeforce put in a very respectable showing, the UFC dominated in terms of viewership. Fans who saw both tended strongly towards Strikeforce as the more exciting show.

From MMAJunkie:

This past weekend's live Spike TV broadcast of The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale earned a household rating of a 1.4 and an average audience of 2 million viewers.

The event, which took place Dec. 4 and concluded the latest season of the UFC's long-running reality series, peaked with more than 2.3 million viewers for a controversial Nam Phan vs. Leonard Gracia event-opening fight.


"Strikeforce Henderson vs. Babalu II" on Showtime peaked with 465,000 viewers for a main event between Dan Henderson and Renato "Babalu" Sobral.

Overall, the show averaged a 1.2 household rating and 341,000 viewers.


MMAMania provides a head to head breakdown in the key demographic:

According to USA Today, the conclusion to the network reality series garnered an overall household rating of 1.4 with a 2.3 rating among men 18-34 and a 1.9 among men 18-49

By comparison, the Strikeforce: "Henderson vs. Babalu" event, which began overlapping the UFC broadcast at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime, drew 341,000 viewers (peaking at 465,000) with an 0.81 and 0.9 in the key 18-34 and 18-49 demographics, respectively.

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Freezing Winds site profile image  

12/8/10 8:16 PM by Freezing Winds

SF markets bobby lashley and herschel, so get out of here with that shitnow, UFC is way closer to PRIDE than SF ismost of the best fighters from PRIDE are in the UFCalso, PRIDE had the best fighters in their haydaythe UFC has most of the best fighters nowsorry, but UFC has shogun/page/wanderlei/big and lil nog/anderson (to some degree)/ baroniThat is as close to PRIDE as you are gonna fucking getSF has more rules than UFCso please, enlighten me how SF is like PRIDE?

IveBeenRubberBabyBispingBumped site profile image  

12/8/10 7:12 PM by IveBeenRubberBabyBispingBumped

Yea, i don't have access to strikeforce in canada anymore. Fucking rogers want $15.99 a month for a terrible channel that has 1-2 good nights of programming a month

PatrickFreitas site profile image  

12/8/10 6:56 PM by PatrickFreitas

So, in terms of peak, this was one of SF's better showings. They've got to be proud, especially given that they mostly went head-to-head with the UFC.Do you have the trend comparison for the UFC event too?Thanks for the info!

slamming site profile image  

12/8/10 6:29 PM by slamming

Haha man the defences!  

rockwell site profile image  

12/8/10 12:47 PM by rockwell

NEWS JUST IN.....2.3 Million Americans discovered to be retarded....More later..

Its Me Again site profile image  

12/8/10 12:47 PM by Its Me Again

 Wow, another couple million ppl saw yet another shit show put on by the UFC. Only a matter of time before ppl get bored with that stale product.

SOO72 site profile image  

12/8/10 12:46 PM by SOO72

This is surely a big bold type front page worthy headliner of a story.UG news must be giddy over the numbers. Those 2.3 million viewers (myself included) saw one of the most boring events in recent memory, I wish I had watched Strikeforce instead.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

12/8/10 12:40 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 .or maybe more people have basic cable(Spike) than premium(showtime) correct

Rcs476 site profile image  

12/8/10 12:16 PM by Rcs476

Yeah, but how many of that 2.3 million fell asleep before they could get a chance to switch over to strikeforce?