Serra: It's brutal fighting Captain Canada in Canada

by Mark La Monica | source:

Matt Serra said a few things, sure, but nothing to the extent that Josh Koscheck has. Still, every time Serra was shown on the big screen inside Montreal's Bell Centre at UFC 83 in April 2008, he was reviled by the crowd.

When Serra was actually inside the arena, in sight of more than 21,000 screaming Canadians, the rafters shook. They weren't cheering, though. They were booing. Hissing. Rioting in their lungs. Rocky Balboa was met with more kindness when he went to Russia to fight Ivan Drago in "Rocky IV."

And all Serra had done was beat Georges St-Pierre for the UFC welterweight title one year earlier. Can you imagine what the crowd will do to Josh Koscheck, a villain's villain, when he goes after the title against GSP in the Bell Centre this Saturday at UFC 124?

“It is a brutal crowd if you're fighting Captain Canada in Canada," Serra told Fightin' Words. “I thought the cage was shaking. It was brutal. Brutal. But I don’t think it’s going to effect Koscheck at all because he loves being the heel."

If Koscheck can truly block out the crowd, or use it to fuel himself, he has a chance to beat St-Pierre, Serra said. He would know, too. Serra is the only man in the world to knockout GSP in a professional fight.

“St-Pierre is predictable now," Serra said. "Everyone knows what he’s going to do. But now you gotta stop it."

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12/9/10 12:52 AM by kristaNY


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12/8/10 10:06 PM by Naughty Gorilla

I know what Serra's saying but GSP has NEVER said he reps Canada or had a Maple Leaf on his person (unless he wore the TUF uniform i guess)He comes from a s├ęparatiste background

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12/8/10 8:49 PM by Wasa-B

Naw, just the diff between Montreal and Toronto.

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12/8/10 6:18 PM by Bewts

  +1 I went for one game during that playoff run too and my ears still hurt.

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12/8/10 6:11 PM by Bananatole

ya that cool man, but Bisbing is nothing compared to GSP. So your dumb :)

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12/8/10 5:52 PM by Dougie

You...are a moran.

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12/8/10 5:26 PM by MDubz

No one can ever take the "Captain Canada" name from Ryan Smyth!My brother is gonna be at this fight i'm so jealous, Go GSP!

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12/8/10 4:35 PM by 2cash2quit

Americans don't blindly support American fighters.

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12/8/10 4:33 PM by solidsnake

You're other idea is for a mime to walk up to Kos when he's walking down to the octagon and try to present Kos a box of chocolates. It's common knowledge that Kos hates mimes ever since he was a kid. Advantage GSP