Howard: 'If that kid fell and busted his head wide open I wouldn’t feel bad'

by Kalin Johnston | source:

KALIN: Do you feel like he is coming at you right now to try and distract you going into quite possibly the biggest fight of your career?

JOHN: Possibly.  I don’t know what Johnson’s deal is.  I don’t know what’s wrong with that big goofy kid.  I don’t care; I don’t like that kid man.  I can’t stand him.  I don’t take too much time thinking about Anthony Johnson, but I know that I do not like him, and I know he does not like me.  If that kid fell and busted his head wide open I wouldn’t feel bad.

KALIN: I know a lot of people on the MMA forums are loving the “Crumble” Johnson line.  How did you come up with that?

JOHN: He called me a coward and I’m like “Howard, Coward…that’s funny, how about Crumble Johnson.”   He always crumbles like he did against Koscheck.  That’s why I call him Crumble.  That’s what it is man, if he wants to talk trash, I’ll come back.  One thing about me is you cannot talk trash and expect me to be okay.  I’m not that type of guy.  I don’t like it.  If I have something to say, I’m going to say it.

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Kalin Johnston site profile image  

12/11/10 6:44 PM by Kalin Johnston

 TTT before the fights :)

Kalin Johnston site profile image  

12/10/10 11:19 AM by Kalin Johnston


Kalin Johnston site profile image  

12/9/10 10:38 PM by Kalin Johnston


chesty_1775 site profile image  

12/9/10 11:07 AM by chesty_1775


Kalin Johnston site profile image  

12/9/10 11:03 AM by Kalin Johnston


fabes site profile image  

12/9/10 6:18 AM by fabes

Thiago is a bad man.

Gregg Roach site profile image  

12/9/10 4:29 AM by Gregg Roach

Anthony shouldn't be talking shit about anybody. When's the last time he fought? He's probably in excess of 200 pounds right now with a terrible case of ring-rust. Next person who fights Johnson better go HARD- he's obviously a bit soft right now (not to mention the fact that he's probably shit-talking to keep himself relevant).And, as far as Howard vs. Alves, I think this fight makes a lot of sense. Howard was on his way up and got knocked down fighting hard; Alves was towards the top and got put down like he didn't belong there. This is a crossroads match for somebody- either Alves is back or Howard is the real deal.

Kalin Johnston site profile image  

12/8/10 7:59 PM by Kalin Johnston


Kalin Johnston site profile image  

12/8/10 6:11 PM by Kalin Johnston


Edokaz248 site profile image  

12/8/10 3:42 PM by Edokaz248

Really Thiago is all this you people say he is? lol the last time he was any of that was back in 2008This is 2010. You dont know wtf Thiago is because from what I remember he was getting schooled everywhere by FItch including standing.Stop basing Thiago off of what he once was.