Doomsday: 'I have more KO power' than Thiago Alves

by Dave Herbert | source:

Dave Herbert: I take it you've watched all his fights. What do you think of his style? Are you a fan?

Doomsday: Yeah man, I'm a fan. I think he's good; he has a good game. I have a similar style, but I think I have more knockout power than he does though.

DH: Thiago has said if he hits you hard, you are going down. I take it you feel the same way?

Doomsday: I feel the same way. If I hit him hard, he is going down too. I've seen his hard hits and he doesn't hit super hard with one punch. He throws combinations. Thats his thing. If he knees you or kicks you hard thats one thing but for one hit knockouts, I just don't see it.

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FIGHTMAGNET site profile image  

12/10/10 6:32 PM by FIGHTMAGNET

I hope his corner men don't Blow his bloody nose again, so his Eye won't swell up like a Grapefruit, this time !!Doomsday vs The Pitbull, I have no favorite, but this should have definitely been the Co-MainEvent !! (agree)

Titanium Rhino site profile image  

12/10/10 6:16 PM by Titanium Rhino

ttt for Thiago making weight

SteveBash site profile image  

12/10/10 2:41 AM by SteveBash

@cwcoogan lol But in all seriousness he looks in great condition. His massive pecs are gone lol but its definitely a more lean look. I'm excited to see how big of an impact it will have on his speed and explosiveness.

Titanium Rhino site profile image  

12/10/10 2:39 AM by Titanium Rhino

I think Pit was being sarcastic. lol

rosario02 site profile image  

12/10/10 2:08 AM by rosario02

Good update rhino

rosario02 site profile image  

12/10/10 2:08 AM by rosario02

Good update rhino

cwcoogan site profile image  

12/10/10 1:54 AM by cwcoogan

Making weight is 'shocking the world' now?

Titanium Rhino site profile image  

12/10/10 1:40 AM by Titanium Rhino

Thiago will make weight for this fight. He posted this on his facebook about an hour ago. "177lbs and ready to shock the world! Thanks to Mike Dolce you are the man!"  

SteveBash site profile image  

12/10/10 1:02 AM by SteveBash

3 and out rule doesn't always apply. His losses would be against Fitch and GSP. I'm sure he would have one last shot to jerk the curtain but I see him winning this fight. Hopefully he is desperate and his weight his good, which seems likely because he is with Mike Dolce. Alves with leg kicks then combos for the win. Howard will go down swingin hard for sure though. Can't wait.

Edokaz248 site profile image  

12/10/10 12:56 AM by Edokaz248

Doomsday is going to KO Alves