Bocek, Miller, Danzig, GSP, & Koscheck earn $100k bonuses at UFC 124

by Chris Palmquist | source:

Bonuses were announced by Dana White at the UFC 124 post-fight press conference. The submission of the night bonus ($100,000) was split between two fighters and the Fight of the Night was decided by a fan vote.

Submission of the Night

Mark Bocek ($50,000)

Jim Miller ($50,000)

Knockout of the Night

Mac Danzig ($100,000)

Fight of the Night

Georges St. Pierre ($100,000)

Josh Koscheck ($100,000)


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Bill Pharoni site profile image  

12/12/10 12:42 PM by Bill Pharoni

The GSP/Koscheck fight was great, but all thanks should go to GSP and the Montreal crowd. Koscheck got beat up for 5 rounds, not really deserving of a 100k bonus. Alves looked fantastic though.

jazzfan site profile image  

12/12/10 12:32 PM by jazzfan


sexalicious site profile image  

12/12/10 12:10 PM by sexalicious

I thought Pierson/Riddle deserved fight of the night, but I don't mind Kos getting his share; while he got beaten baddly it takes a lot more of a man tha his critics will ever be to fight through that.

fearOfABlackPlanet site profile image  

12/12/10 12:03 PM by fearOfABlackPlanet


BROTHER WISDOM site profile image  

12/12/10 11:46 AM by BROTHER WISDOM

Alves/Howard fotn imo

gridlor site profile image  

12/12/10 11:41 AM by gridlor

Koscheck doesn't deserve a bonus he got hit with the same punch over and over again. He didn't put on a show, he had a clinic run on him. He should donate his bonus to charity...... Or hire Freddie Roach.

Ramsey site profile image  

12/12/10 11:37 AM by Ramsey

Matt Riddle threw 1000+ punches, none of them were even close. He looked stupid in there and I am glad he didn't get a bonus.

mugatu site profile image  

12/12/10 11:31 AM by mugatu

 I'm glad for Danzig, that was a huge win for him

Arecsa site profile image  

12/12/10 11:05 AM by Arecsa

Huge fucking night for Danzig. He was done if he lost imo, and here he is with 100k KOTN.

A 21 Second BJ site profile image  

12/12/10 11:00 AM by A 21 Second BJ

 these bonuses are getting HUGE. that's aweosme.