Bocek happy with performance and sponsors

by Mark Bocek | source: The Underground

From: Mark Bocek
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I just need to give a big shout out to all the sponsors that supported me for my last fight against Dustin Hazelett. Thank you so much you have been a big help...

Major's Pharmacy
MG in Action (Marcelo Garcia)
Indie Mart

I also need to thank Street Soldier and Drako Impact Armour for supplying me with training gear.

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BlackRainNinja site profile image  

12/14/10 8:39 AM by BlackRainNinja

Your passing skills are awesome Mark.....That was fun to watch.

Morgz site profile image  

12/14/10 8:14 AM by Morgz

Great fight.  Even though I am also a big fan of Hazelett, I thought it was awesome that you passed and subbed him so deliberately.  I am also a fan of Sotiroupolous, so at first when you called for that fight I was a bit bummed.  I don't want to see either of you lose.  But after some time to think it over, what a great fight that would be, and the winner definately would have "the best BJJ in the division". I don't want to change the feel of this thread, but I do also want to mention how fitting it was to listen to Joe call the fight, and rattle off all of these 10th planet terms like they were "the way" to fight on the ground (instead of "a way" to fight on the ground).  Then before he could utter the next "mission control" or "truck" had passed, mounted, & transitioned into a beautiful BJJ sub.  Nice work.

drx604 site profile image  

12/13/10 10:34 PM by drx604

Looked like a shoulder lock to me... Been caught in that before :/

kill joy site profile image  

12/13/10 10:30 PM by kill joy

kill joy Member Since: 11/24/10Posts: 45 was it the modified americana or the choke that ended it? the shoulder lock looked gross for the split second the camera showed it.

kill joy site profile image  

12/13/10 10:28 PM by kill joy


MuayTy site profile image  

12/13/10 10:15 PM by MuayTy

Congrats mark, great win

frumpy site profile image  

12/13/10 8:59 PM by frumpy

Not just you, Bocek had already passed to side control and joe was still rambling on about his trapped arm and the omoplata for another 2 seconds or so

MoreThanUFC site profile image  

12/13/10 8:55 PM by MoreThanUFC

 So... he only comes on to pimp out sponsors... you guys are dim.  It's his manager....

Archer0545 site profile image  

12/13/10 8:52 PM by Archer0545

 Awesome fight, you do not disappoint!