McCorkle's corner blames himself for loss, KO'd McCorkle before fight

by Reggie Warren Jr | source: The Underground

From: Reggie Warren Jr
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 McCorkle! Thanks for having me out buddy. Had a great time with you and the corner gang(Greg, Joe, AJ).

Youre being very humble in your loss and not throwing me under the bus for what happened backstage. Sean asked me to get him pumped up before the fight...he wanted a few slaps to the ole melon. This is where I fucked up! I had trouble reaching his handsome face...I swung and my slap turned into a George Dillman Swordhand chop to his Korotid artery...I dropped him. I'm sorry Sean. He didnt recover in time. I'm a bad cornerman.

Joe "Tae-kwondo Master" Rogan! You're the mane! Thank you sir for giving me those shout outs! Can you help me with my cell phone bill? Those texts from all around the country were like .40 each! Do you put steel shoulder pads under your shirt? I gave Joe a pat on the shoulders and it felt like solid concrete!

Joe Silva...thanks for your support and for just being a cool dude! For those of you who don't know Joe Silva, ya'll are missing out! I love that guy! And hes trying his best to convince Dana to let me fight...thanks Joe!

Thanks to all my fans from the UG and to all the supporters in Canada! I always thought I wouldnt get along with Canadians and their european yankee life style, but I couldn't be more wrong! These Canadian fans are insanely fucking badass and down to earth people! I had a blast meeting and drinking molsons with ya'll! Crown Royal is delicious!

Thanks to all!

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Reggie Warren Jr site profile image  

12/15/10 4:15 PM by Reggie Warren Jr

Yeah...I think chopping my legs off would make it close to fair, but I'd still tap his ass out with one of his favorite Sambo leg locks. Havent smoked cat piss yet...can i mix it in with my chew? Bojangles sweet tea...why is it so delicioius? Sugar mane...lot of it. Chick fil a's is even better! Keith Stone is a pussy and Busch light should be ashamed that they havent brought me in to battle him! I didnt dress up for halloween this year...thats the devils holiday. You know what? The scary little wolverine already asked me to corner him...I'm looking forward to hunting crocodiles bare handed. Sean McCorkle is still mad at me for yelling for him to "Pull mount!" I guess the pressure got to me a bit and i fucked up my MMA terms.  

Son of Neckbone site profile image  

12/15/10 3:12 PM by Son of Neckbone

Got a few questions for ya Redge-Exactly what kind of handicap would you need for it to be a fair fight between you and the Wolfman? Say if you didn't have any legs from the sack down, would that make it even?You ever try smoking cat piss? That shit will send your ass to the moon.Bojangles sweet tea. Why is it so delicious?What's your take on this Keith Stone jagoff?Who did you dress up as for Halloween this year? Any chance of you cornering the Wolverine when he fights Ross Pearson next year, or McC again when he whoops up on Lesnar?

DanTheWolfman site profile image  

12/15/10 5:28 AM by DanTheWolfman

Tag Team, me and my free rapping old friend Hoger vs you and Big Sleazy or whatever Cage Match style

Reggie Warren Jr site profile image  

12/15/10 2:26 AM by Reggie Warren Jr

 Dan, we all know you don't want none...stop frontin homie!

DanTheWolfman site profile image  

12/15/10 2:18 AM by DanTheWolfman

Had I known you'd be there I would have shown whats up on Stage at the weight in's

michaelkaras site profile image  

12/15/10 12:47 AM by michaelkaras

fuck yeah reggie keep raising still picking fights at o'halla's mexican restaurant?

Loiosh site profile image  

12/14/10 8:51 PM by Loiosh

Sgotwalks, maybe chicks like you couldn't handle Beer Beer, but I bet it would be right up the mighty RW jr's alley.

Reggie Warren Jr site profile image  

12/14/10 8:45 PM by Reggie Warren Jr

 Ok buddy...Ill let it slide then....didn't realize we were old friends. I wont kill you son.

Reggie Warren Jr site profile image  

12/14/10 8:45 PM by Reggie Warren Jr

 Hugs back at ya Cindy O!