Koscheck's coach Mendez: 'Josh fought crappy. He knows it'

source: mmajunkie.com

Mendez, though, offers no excuses for his fighter's performance. St-Pierre was simply the better man.

"Josh fought crappy," he said. "He knows it. If we told him he fought great, we'd be lying. He didn't do anything what he was supposed to do, and at the same time, Georges did.

"Josh is similar to what I was like. I never did what my coaches wanted to do; I did what I wanted to do. Some people like to guide themselves, and others like people guiding them. Let's not discount the fact that GSP is a great fighter."

Surprisingly, though, the trainer agrees with UFC president Dana White's statement following UFC 124 that St-Pierre has cleaned out the welterweight division, even though he works closely with AKA fighter Jon Fitch, a fighter who's beaten almost everyone of note with the exception of the champ.

"[St-Pierre] beat the No. 2 guy, which is my guy Fitch, and Fitch has gotten better, but he's beat him already," he said. "He's beat Thiago (Alves) and destroyed him. He's pretty much done it.

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ocianain site profile image  

12/14/10 12:10 PM by ocianain

Some good points made there K_R I'm just not use to seeing coaches publicly berate their fighters like that. For what it's worth I was also underwhelmed by his corner, they gave him nothing. For example, it became obvious pretty quickly that his only shot was on the ground yet he fought off GSP's takedown attempts and failed with his own. His corner should of told him to try and go with a GSP takedown attempt and fight it out on the ground, or how about telling him to get his lead outside George's lead and catching the jab and countering over it? GSP's jab was good but it was no Liston/Holmes jackhammer that couldn't be caught.Kos improved quickly when he went from lay and pray to that "half assed but good enough to beat most people" stand up game. He has the ability to improve very quickly when he puts his mind to it, maybe this loss will be the catalyst for him to take his standup to the next level.

matthias site profile image  

12/14/10 12:06 PM by matthias

True. I've never heard a football fan complain that their team is too successful running the ball. If a team has great pass coverage but no defensive line, you run the ball all the way. You don't say they need to be more exciting and throw more hail marys.

Koku_Ryuu site profile image  

12/14/10 11:46 AM by Koku_Ryuu

It's well known that Josh has a history of not following gameplans and listening to his AKA coaches..ie.not the most coachable. So you're PARTLY correct in your criticism of AKA coaches. Doesn't help that Josh is very egotistical,asshole type.Besides...could your same critiques be said for Cain and all other AKA fighters?? Nope...so stop putting ALL the blame on coaches. A lot of the time,coaches that take blame...are just saving face for their fighters. Mendez obviously doesn't...neither does Camarillo. No need to sugarcoat it if Josh fought horribly and disregarded gameplans.

Pink Bunkadoo site profile image  

12/14/10 11:09 AM by Pink Bunkadoo

greasemonkey filter to the rescue....bye

ocianain site profile image  

12/14/10 10:51 AM by ocianain

WOW!What an ignorant thing (actually a series of ignorant things to say) to say! Hey coach, how did Josh end up an NCAA champ?I'd say by being athletic and coachable. I don't think he suddenly lost those qualities. Most likely he brought to the cage the qualities you gave him.....ergo you suck as a striking coach. Let's examine your fighter,Why does he lack head movement?Because you did not teach that.Why does he lack hand movement?Because you did not teach that.Why does he lack footwork?Because you did not teach that.Why can't Josh slip a jab?Because you did not teach that.See any commonality here?His underperformance is because of your failure

RIPLEY site profile image  

12/14/10 10:07 AM by RIPLEY

Hardy-Nice screen name you faggot.

RIPLEY site profile image  

12/14/10 10:06 AM by RIPLEY

Hardy-Nice screen name you faggot.

Crazy Zimmerman site profile image  

12/14/10 10:03 AM by Crazy Zimmerman

 Michael Spinks used to say:  I tried to knock him out but my opponent just wouldn't cooperate. 

12 site profile image  

12/14/10 10:02 AM by 12

sounds right,if a football team is winning by running the ball ,why would they need to pass

jbbarne site profile image  

12/14/10 9:59 AM by jbbarne

That alone should speak hugely on St. Pierre's part. He beats fighters with skills where they are best. And it COMPLETELY takes them out of their game. IMO the only way to beat St. Pierre is to catch him early or literally be so well rounded that he can't pinpoint the place to focus in training. I'm not a fighter, so that's just my observation.