Pierson faces ultimatum, cop or UFC fighter?

by Cynthia Vukets | source: thestar.com

Sean Pierson has two budding careers ahead of him, but he gets to choose only one.

The mixed martial arts champion was recently hired by the Toronto Police. But the force says Pierson, 34, must choose between becoming a cop and becoming a famous fighter.

“I’ve been told I have to pick a dream,” he said. “I’m being asked do I want to fight or do I want to be a police officer?”

Pierson has been fighting professionally for more than a decade. And he spent four years working to become a police officer — a boyhood dream.

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DanFerguson site profile image  

12/15/10 5:23 PM by DanFerguson

Kind of a dumb statement.He's 34 and shoulda just won 100 grand if mtl fans werent so dumb. plenty of time to have more exciting fights.He can retire from being a cop after 20 years of service. say if he was a cop at 37 he could retire at 57 which is pretty good age to retire at.

Damn10er site profile image  

12/15/10 4:05 PM by Damn10er

Exactly what I was going to say.

Greg Southworth site profile image  

12/15/10 4:02 PM by Greg Southworth

Matt Grice is also a cop

Tartan warrior site profile image  

12/15/10 3:32 PM by Tartan warrior

 Good luck with whatever option you choose Sean. I have a buddy on the T.O force and he loves it, I would hope that they will let you fight on the T.O fight card because I am sure you will be the pride of the police force. Those guys love the UFC!!

DanFerguson site profile image  

12/15/10 3:04 PM by DanFerguson

I wonder what his P.A.R.E time is ?Thats an obstacle course test for cops. I bet he kills that thing

MAG site profile image  

12/15/10 2:54 PM by MAG

I'm just saying - this shit is crazy:http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/news/286795/Doerksen-done-Stevenson-stays-after-UFC-124-losses/"The fallout from UFC 124 has claimed its first victim, as Five Ounces of Pain recently learned the promotion parted ways with Joe Doerksen, as a result of the 33-year old’s split-decision loss to Dan Miller at last weekend’s event.Though the bout remained hotly contested throughout, the defeat was the second in a row for Doerksen who had been on a seven-fight win streak, including a Rear-Naked Choke over Tom Lawlor at UFC 113.The UFC 124 loss marked only the tenth time Doerksen had seen the judges’ scorecards in a career spanning ten years and featuring sixty total fights."

Nanook site profile image  

12/15/10 1:36 PM by Nanook

In the UFC, unless you find yourself in that small group of fighters that has immunity (i/e Liddell, Griffin), you're really only as good to the company as your last fight.This is a company that cut fighters a loss or two after a title shot. This is also a company that cut fighters after one loss, despite the fact that they looked like world beaters at points.Mike, not to drag you in to this, but you're a prime example of someone who is proof how shallow and short a UFC run can be. First fight, beat a damn good fighter in Neil Grove and did so in quick order. Second fight, you take it on short notice against another very good fighter (Drwal), lose and get cut. There's a little shelf life at the top in the UFC.. And Strikeforce isn't any better. Just ask Jay Heiron and Joe Riggs.Me personally, I'll take secure work over a maybe any day. However, who the hell am I to tell someone not to try and live out their dream? Best of luck either way Sean!

Mitey Mouze site profile image  

12/15/10 1:28 PM by Mitey Mouze

I thought he looked great in his last fight...but that being said, it's unfortunate that he has to make a choice, but the choice should be obvious. Only a few in MMA make the big $$$, and it seems very unlikely that he will be one of those given the huge amount of talent in his division. He should be proud of his accomplishments and the fortune he has had to pursue not one, but two of his dreams. Life changes for us all as we age, and we accept new roles...whether we want to or not, sometimes. Much respect whatever he decides.

MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ site profile image  

12/15/10 12:30 PM by MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ

He is 34,tough dude but he isn't a world beater. I admire his love of MMA and the drive it takes to get to this level. A few yrs ago I would have said he should pick UFC all the way but fightings a rough business. The older I get, the wiser I get. Say he picks UFC and then gets cut after 1-2 more fights. A secure job is his future. If he was 25 yrs old I might think differently. Not trying to be a hater, I just turned 31 and I'm starting to finally see the big picture.

Nanook site profile image  

12/15/10 12:15 PM by Nanook

Mike Russow is also currently a cop in the Chicago Police Force, and IIRC isn't Gannon a police officer in Boston too?