Gary Goodridge seeks help with autobiography

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Subtitle of my book, The Gatekeeper

From: Big Daddy Goodridge
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 My book is coming out in 2011. It is going to be called The Gatekepper. Do you have any suggestions for what the subtitle should be?

These are from my facebook, and I thought they were good.

"Confessions of a Heavyweight

Pain is Temporary... Pride is Forever...

The Gary Goodridge story.

A warriors tale

Through the Keeper's eyes

The story of a modern day gladiator

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4/22/11 4:31 PM by newbloodmma

 Whatever you name the book, congratulations on a long career that took you all over the world. Me and a couple friends got to meet and hang with you after the Andre Roberts fight and you were a class act. I remember you were supposed to fight Tank that night and damn was I disapointed when it didn't happen(drove from Atl to Mississippi mainly to see that fight.

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4/22/11 4:23 PM by Big Daddy Goodridge

 ^ I like! Jordan Breen wrote the Preface. Perhaps he will post it on Sherdog. He is welcome to.

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4/22/11 4:07 PM by 2JupitersTooMany

Gatekeeper: The Fighting Life of Gary "Big Daddy Goodridge, CEO Futaville, Inc.

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4/22/11 4:05 PM by Big Daddy Goodridge

 Gatekeeper: The Fighting Life of Gary "Big Daddy" Goodridge. ECW Press, Feb. 2012.

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4/22/11 5:37 AM by Caught_clean

"I fought Fedor and survived" 

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4/22/11 3:22 AM by nhbguy

The Gatekeeper: "If you've got an ass I'll kick it!"But I also like "Pain is temporary, Pride is forever" and the Gatekeeper: "You shall not Pass"

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4/22/11 3:20 AM by ASBELTOMATO

Who's Your Big Daddy?

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4/22/11 3:19 AM by Enemies

The days of Biting, Eye-Gouging, Fish-Hooking, and Ball Shots.

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4/22/11 3:15 AM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Big Daddy could piss his name in the snow and I'd read it.

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4/22/11 3:13 AM by JesseLawrence

Canada is part of North America last time I checked, Geography class.