Stefan Struve offers thanks for victory

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From: Stefan Struve's Stats">Stefan Struve
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 Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say thanks, to all the fans, my friends and family, Team Schreiber Holland and Alchemist management and of course my sponsors for this fight; Topps trading cards,Alchemist apparel, card woo, Venum fightwear, fight fuel, fight ribbon and Be fit store Holland.
I enjoyed the photoshop contest but I don't think I'll be doing another one in the future, but thanks for all the awesome pics!
Sean is one of the coolest dudes you'll ever meet, we had a great time after the fight and I hope he will do well in his next bouts for the UFC!

Just saw the thread saying I tapped.. Hahahahahaha damn find a live is all I have to say! He got it tight 2 times but not enough for me to tap.. I've got crazy flexible limbs and believe me when I say that he would have had to break it for me to tap!

Thanks guys and I think I will be online next week (not sure when) for 1 or 2 hours to chat with people who got some question..

Thanks again 

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305-onpoint site profile image  

12/17/10 9:37 AM by 305-onpoint

Congratulations Stefan.

grkblood site profile image  

12/17/10 8:18 AM by grkblood

 Ya, Schiavello isn't too shabby of a commentator for a 10er either.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

12/17/10 6:56 AM by chaplinshouse

not a bad fight Struve! For a 10er...

SteamRolledbyMcOracle site profile image  

12/17/10 6:24 AM by SteamRolledbyMcOracle

Congrats Stefan!

Sinead O Connors Nipples site profile image  

12/17/10 6:07 AM by Sinead O Connors Nipples

Congrats Stefan!

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

12/17/10 5:27 AM by KevinMcAllister


mata_leao site profile image  

12/17/10 4:45 AM by mata_leao

Duuuuh seandiesel, he already said to find a live!

MacNYC site profile image  

12/17/10 3:54 AM by MacNYC

very classy guy.

Jamie_B site profile image  

12/17/10 3:13 AM by Jamie_B

congratulations stefan. Look forward to your next fight.

ShaqNoob site profile image  

12/17/10 3:10 AM by ShaqNoob

I like that sweep fren.