Jacare vs. Lawler for Strikeforce Middleweight Title on Jan. 29th

source: twitter.com

Ronaldo Jacare will defend the Strikeforce middleweight belt against Robbie Lawler on January 29

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Flynndiddy site profile image  

12/20/10 12:36 PM by Flynndiddy

I'm not hearing anything I disagree with. We have all scene Lawler's impressive K.O.'s quickly(no pun Trigg, always been a big fan of yours, love your win over Mayhem) but if Jacare controls Robbie on the ground it's all over.

bhealthy site profile image  

12/20/10 11:52 AM by bhealthy

why is mayhem still playing mma?

honeyman site profile image  

12/20/10 4:19 AM by honeyman


aint no bitch site profile image  

12/19/10 10:40 PM by aint no bitch

1-1 pro wrestler? checkfighting for title? checkufc? checklost your last fight including 2 of your last 3 by knockout? checkmoved up a division to fight for the title? checkufc? check Lost two in a row? checkmoved down a division to fight for the interim belt? checkufc? checkknocked out in your last fight? checkfight for the ufc heavyweight title your next fight? checkjustin eilers? check

rockwell site profile image  

12/19/10 10:33 PM by rockwell

Anonymous internet tough guy? CheckNever stepped in the cage? CheckZuffa Zombie? CheckAt the end of the day, no matter this dumb shill says, this is a good matchup.

JeremyLambert88 site profile image  

12/19/10 9:48 PM by JeremyLambert88

I favor Jacare. Lawler has one punch power but Jacare isn't going to rush in and be stupid on the feet like Lindland was. He's going to fight like Shields and Sobral did on the feet, wait for his opportunity to get things to the ground, and then work from there.

SteveNovak site profile image  

12/19/10 9:24 PM by SteveNovak

Good matchup I see Jacare avoiding the big shot in the 1st and bringing the fight to the ground in the 2nd and onward. Sub or Dec win.

reddsharkk site profile image  

12/19/10 9:22 PM by reddsharkk

Only won two out of your last four fights? Check.Fighting for title? Check.Strikeforce? Check.

DaTazzManianDevil site profile image  

12/19/10 9:11 PM by DaTazzManianDevil

lawler can't be too aggressive as he did against jake shields..

innovega site profile image  

12/19/10 8:29 PM by innovega

I think Jacare can use his quick shot to take him down. Jacare R2 rear naked choke.