Jim Miller wants title shot or top three opponent

by Damon Martin | source: mmaweekly.com

With an impressive record in and out of the UFC, the fact that his name wasn’t mentioned among the upper echelon of lightweights got under Miller’s skin. He hopes the victory at UFC 124 and his declaration afterwards that people will start to pay attention to the work ethic he’s shown in the cage.

“It’s a fact. The only guys that beat me, beat me by decision, and they’re No. 1 and No. 2. Frankie (Edgar’s) only loss is to Gray (Maynard). Gray’s undefeated. My only two losses are to them. So why are there five, six, seven guys people always say between me and those top two guys? I feel that I should be right up there, and there’s no reason people shouldn’t have me as No. 3,” declared Miller.

Miller is up to whatever challenge the UFC lays at his doorstep next. He wants everyone to understand that during his time with the UFC, he’s never turned down a fight, and he’s stepped up to face everyone the promotion has put in front of him. Now he’s ready to start calling people by name to make sure people recognize he wants to fight the best.

“I’d love the next shot at the title. I’d love a shot at (Kenny) Florian when he’s healthy, or (Sean) Sherk, or I really would have liked them not to have given (George) Sotiropoulos (someone) so quickly. I know they’re trying to build up the Australian market, but to me a fight between me and him makes sense,” Miller stated.

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Recent Comments »

sharkman68 site profile image  

12/20/10 1:35 PM by sharkman68

I kind of agree. Miller is a great fighter, but you dont become #3 just because you lost to #1 and 2# and have never beaten #3-#10! He will continue to improve, but he still has a way to go before he is #1

bhealthy site profile image  

12/20/10 12:21 PM by bhealthy

he deserves it

JustBlogGuy site profile image  

12/20/10 2:30 AM by JustBlogGuy

Charles is not Miller's best win at all. And, while it's true he has no top-15 wins, the only other guy on any kind of worthwhile streak is G-Sot, and his best win just got knocked out cold by somebody that is at best in the middle of the pack in terms of guys Jim has beaten.

VANISM site profile image  

12/20/10 2:19 AM by VANISM

No way he gets a shot yet. I dont think he can beat Sherk.

Salt the Snail site profile image  

12/20/10 1:49 AM by Salt the Snail

I almost want to see Miller vs Soto but I think they both deserve title shots.

Malachy Friedman site profile image  

12/20/10 1:45 AM by Malachy Friedman

scrap guillard and give him dunhambetter than sherk

Max Dangerous site profile image  

12/20/10 1:08 AM by Max Dangerous

Too afraid to rebuttal intelligently, its okay I was dumb once too.Millers best win is against Oliveira, hardly a top 10, if even top 20, fighter. It's hard to put him in a top 10 world ranking, even though he would do well against a lot of the guys ahead of him. Post merger Miller never gets a shot at the title.

HELWIG site profile image  

12/19/10 11:40 PM by HELWIG

 Member Since: 11/4/10 Posts: 79

Max Dangerous site profile image  

12/19/10 11:28 PM by Max Dangerous

Miller is a tough, improving fighter, but he probably lost Mark Bocek and got outstruck by Gray Maynard. He needs to beat some better competition before he gets a title shot. I don't see him ever winning one, if he manages to get one.

tjmitch site profile image  

12/19/10 11:21 PM by tjmitch

It is time. One more win should give him a title shot.