McCorkle wants the worst heavyweight in the UFC

by Ray Hui | source:

"I cannot believe I'm about to win two fights and be undefeated in the UFC as soon I wrapped his arm," McCorkle told Ariel Helwani Monday on The MMA Hour. "I was really excited about it and when it didn't happen, I didn't believe it."

"I shouldn't have put so much pressure on myself. I not only wanted to win, but I wanted to be exciting and win because no one wants a boring fight and I just kept hearing it was the largest gate they've ever had and they were expecting all these pay-per-view buys all this and I was getting about 300 texts a day from people I know giving me advice."

McCorkle was asked by White if he was nervous and was told "this is your shot."

"If I wasn't nervous before. "I am now."

"The only solace I can take from this is I guess If I had beaten Struve I probably would have gotten like Brock or Carwin anyways," McCorkle quipped. "So I was likely going to lose my third fight if not my second either way.".

"I am devastated. I am very, very disappointed in myself. That was a huge opportunity for me and I pretty much blew it."

As McCorkle awaits the word from the UFC in January, he joked he can only hope he'll be offered an easier task in the future.

"I'd like to have the worst heavyweight in the UFC. Unless that's me, I'd like to have the second worst heavyweight in the UFC."

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Recent Comments »

I AM A MOFO site profile image  

12/22/10 4:03 PM by I AM A MOFO

I refuse to believe that McCorkle is the worst HW in the UFC. I firmly believe he lost due to circumstances other than skill or ability in his last fight and can correct the issue.Either that or he must fly to Michigan and beat up several of my friends for giving me shit for telling them what a beast this guy was and how he was fucking nasty on the ground for his size right before he got swept into mount by fuckin' Struve. :(

bryanand site profile image  

12/22/10 4:02 PM by bryanand

It better be someone that won't last 2 minutes, because after that McCorkle runs out of gas and loses.

molsonmuscle360 site profile image  

12/22/10 3:57 PM by molsonmuscle360

If Hague beats Mitrione I would think that would be a good match for McCorkle if not him then I would say that McCorkle vs Carwin would be a good fight to see where Carwins submission game and gas tank really stand.

Anomonis site profile image  

12/22/10 3:38 PM by Anomonis

Have Forrest Griffin come up from LHW and McCorkle can get an easy big name win.

Chael HalfTheBallsTwiceTheMan site profile image  

12/22/10 3:34 PM by Chael HalfTheBallsTwiceTheMan

Lmao, the very next post after calling somebody an idiot, he misspells 1 fighters name, and wants him to fight his childhood friend and training partner. Classic, lol.

SudburyBJJ site profile image  

12/21/10 8:27 PM by SudburyBJJ

McCorkle is just waiting to lose his next fight so he can go and sign with Strikeforce to fight Fedor.

AdamStewart site profile image  

12/21/10 10:34 AM by AdamStewart

But theres no point in talkin shit to the worst of the division. It's like beating a dead horse...

PettisIsTheBestest site profile image  

12/21/10 10:12 AM by PettisIsTheBestest

When he was first signed, he said that he seriously wanted to fight the worst heavyweights on the roster.  He knows where he stands but he also likes to talk a little shit from time to time. :)

Nanook site profile image  

12/21/10 9:16 AM by Nanook

I'd like to see Christian Morecraft, Travis Browne or Tim Hague (after he fights Mitrione) vs. McCorkle next.

Malachy Friedman site profile image  

12/21/10 8:23 AM by Malachy Friedman

"I'd like to have the worst heavyweight in the UFC. Unless that's me, I'd like to have the second worst heavyweight in the UFC."good to see some funny humility