Leben talks about DUI arrest

by Ben Fowlkes | source: mmafighting.com

To hear Leben tell it, he "kind of messed up" when he "went down and had a couple of beers with some of the guys from my gym right before I left after practice." When he got in his new truck and headed for home, he said, he wasn't intoxicated, but did have some alcohol in his system.

"I'd bought a new truck, and I had never drove a truck before. It had just rained. Apparently I stepped on the gas a little too hard so I kind of slid out and hit the embankment of the highway, and the cops were working right there, so they saw me," said Leben.

"Somebody told me, you know, you're not supposed to blow [into a Breathalyzer] if you get pulled over. I don't know, I guess my lawyer says that's not necessarily the case now, but I didn't blow. I didn't take the test, just because I know that in Hawaii if you get in an accident [the legal blood-alcohol limit is] .05 if there's an accident, not even .08, so it's super-duper low. I definitely wasn't hammered, but I was definitely in the wrong. I didn't blow so, you know, who knows what's going to happen now."

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GMan99 site profile image  

12/21/10 4:23 PM by GMan99

I think that refusal to blow just means that you are automatically arrested and taken to the station where you can be compelled to give a sample, either by breath or blood.

fastrack site profile image  

12/21/10 3:35 PM by fastrack

leben is awesomehopefully he gets to fight wanderlei

fastrack site profile image  

12/21/10 3:30 PM by fastrack

leben is awesomehopefully he gets to fight wanderlei

fiercedragon site profile image  

12/21/10 3:24 PM by fiercedragon

another episode in leben's douchebag behavior...

decu68 site profile image  

12/21/10 3:20 PM by decu68

"A couple" is what they all say they had to drink; and it is never a couple. Not sure what the laws are there but refusal to breath into an ASD (Approved Screening Devise) is almost like admitting you are guilty. If Leben wasn't over the tolerance like he felt he wasn't, then he should have blown the ASD and if under then he would have been on his merry way. He might have even blown enough just for a 24 hour suspension. If he failed then he would have been brought back to the detachment to blow into the machine that is required to actually prove his levels. And even with a fail on an ASD, depending on the exact letter of the law, he still may have only wound up with a 24 hour suspension as there is usually a grace level even with a set tolerance level; again depending on the laws of the state/country.No matter what, don't get behind the wheel if you are even having a few drinks. If I take Leben at his word that he wasn't drunk, what if somebody's kid had been in the area and he hit them; drunk or not? How about your kid? You going to be so forgiving then? You never now what "may" happen; you shouldn't take that chance.We've all been dumb when we were younger but there is a time to grow up. There is enough education out there, there is enough statistics out there; this is a no brainer. You get behind the wheel when you have drank is just STUPID.I like Leben but alcohol has been one of his heels for some time now. And I don't believe he just had a couple, I've already heard that too many times and seen it disproved.Nice vid Gordo1581.

A 21 Second BJ site profile image  

12/21/10 2:07 PM by A 21 Second BJ

 Just a lot of guys exploiting their hate for Leben, it's the internet afterall and if you can't judge someone instantly, then what's the point, right?

Nuckin Futs site profile image  

12/21/10 12:58 PM by Nuckin Futs

At least he didn't get on national TV fucked up on cough syrup and challenging Tommy Morrison to a fight.

nyhcloyalty site profile image  

12/21/10 12:28 PM by nyhcloyalty

There's been more hate for Leben than there has been for Rampage going on a, well, Rampage, and a high speed chase, crashing into a woman, possibly caushing a miscarriage, and getting arrested at gunpoint.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

12/21/10 12:05 PM by PrettyBoy

You guys realize he hasn't been covicted of DUI right? I thought this was America? Innocent till proven guilty right? That's why we have a jury of peers... To protect us from the goverment. I wouldn't want any of you sheep in the jury box.

The Sultan site profile image  

12/21/10 11:50 AM by The Sultan

 Really? Out of all the crimes out there, this is the one that REALLY bothers you eh?