James Toney training for possible Strikeforce bout?

source: ringsidereport.com

MA: You said you will be returning to MMA in 2011, who will be your trainers?

James Toney:
Oh yeah, I am going do both! My trainer is still Trevor Sherman… I love that dude. When I fought, that’s my fault. I blame it on me, whatever happens. I am a man… that’s what I do!

MA: Have you continued your MMA training since August?

James Toney:
I am doing both. I am the first two sport athlete, the real sport! Not baseball, not football. I like football and baseball…they are alright. I am from two rugged sports! You ever seen a man do two sports like I have? You’ve never seen that before?

MA: Are there talks with Strikeforce? I heard there coming back to CBS.

James Toney:
I have no idea. My agent and my pops…they told me to train for the heavyweight title. So, we will see what we get.

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supersaiyan site profile image  

12/25/10 10:24 AM by supersaiyan

u got my vote on that one bro lol

supersaiyan site profile image  

12/25/10 10:24 AM by supersaiyan

u got my vote on that one bro lol

supersaiyan site profile image  

12/25/10 10:24 AM by supersaiyan

u got my vote on that one bro lol

smoogy site profile image  

12/24/10 7:56 PM by smoogy

 UG News is run by trolls (*coughCard and Chriscough*) who have no self-restraint

Chael HalfTheBallsTwiceTheMan site profile image  

12/24/10 6:36 PM by Chael HalfTheBallsTwiceTheMan

Why does the UG News continue to embarrass itself like this? They HAVE to be trolling at this point. Even the most unethical, prideless, incompetent hack could not be THIS dumb.

SinCityHustler site profile image  

12/23/10 11:01 PM by SinCityHustler

 I'd love to see Toney fight.  For pure entertainment value, I have not laughed so much in a couple of years as when I was watching Toney waddle out there and then get put on his butt.  I only wish Randy roughed him up a bit more.  

chunkyass site profile image  

12/23/10 9:43 PM by chunkyass

http://mmajunkie.com/news/21167/on-eve-of-ufc-debut-james-toney-learned-of-irs-lien-fight-purse-withheld.mmaActually, he never saw a dollar of that six figure payday. To add to your other point, no, james is still retarded.

Marc Anthony site profile image  

12/23/10 9:41 PM by Marc Anthony

 Maybesomdayer since you felt compelled to make a new account to write this : It must be a very important question to you. I cant speak for all of media. But, the reason I interviewed JT and would do so in the future : He is a living legend ,very entertaining and an unfiltered human being.

CGJiuJitsu site profile image  

12/23/10 9:41 PM by CGJiuJitsu

 LMAO, for the Strikeforce Heavyweight Title.  That would solidify Strikeforce as the red-headed stepchild...  Oh Wait......

maybesomdayer site profile image  

12/23/10 9:32 PM by maybesomdayer

Why does the media continue to give this fool the opportunity to embarrass MMA? He is washed up! He needs to talk to Vince McMahon, that's about the only "sport" that he can still have any relevance in.