Hershel Walker in favor of MMA fighter's union

by John Morgan | source: mmajunkie.com

Walker's opinion is much simpler.

"I don't why it shouldn't (happen)," Walker said.

Whether that a union ever materializes or not remains to be seen. In the meantime, the world's biggest fight promotion has vowed to do everything they can to take care of their own.

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Voice of Pride Lady site profile image  

12/24/10 5:25 PM by Voice of Pride Lady

 God, the Shills are out in full force in this thread

scouting prospects site profile image  

12/24/10 5:19 PM by scouting prospects

Yup, the problem is that the headlining fighters have to be on board but they are in no hurry to give up what they have for the good of the unestablished. There little incentive for the rich irreplaceable to sacrifice for the poor replaceables. I think the key might be the past their prime headliners like Couture, Ortiz, Hughes, Liddell... loooking out for the future, medical, retirement...if they have gyms and run fight teams, if their interests widen, with their influence...it would take a lot of work and the initiaters might be blackballed.

scouting prospects site profile image  

12/24/10 5:10 PM by scouting prospects

He might know a little something about having a career in sports whats all involved in that.

Immaculata site profile image  

12/24/10 5:00 PM by Immaculata

Thank you, StretchPlum.

standupwarrior site profile image  

12/24/10 3:28 PM by standupwarrior

"No disrespect to Walker, but does anyone REALLY give a fuck what he thinks? Seriously?"Nah. No one gives a fuck what one of the greatest athletes of this century thinks. Nope. No one.

jjfighteromaha site profile image  

12/24/10 9:51 AM by jjfighteromaha

Being a martial artist I see nothing attractive about being an MMA fighter.You are only as good as you last win, after that no one gives a shit about you.Fans could care less about you personally. They just want to see "knock-down, drag'em out" fight regardless of who wins or loses.The promotions could care less about you.This whole thing is a long way from what the UFC was originally.

Hungry4Stink site profile image  

12/24/10 8:07 AM by Hungry4Stink

I definitely think fighters in the UFC collectively get a much smaller percentage of revenue than athletes in the major unionized US sports, something Herschel is very aware of. Plus there are important benefits a union could help the fighters gain. Obviously the specter of a union increases the more the UFC moves towards a monopoly. Strikeforce is good for Zuffa in that respect. As Greystoke pointed out, with all the turnover in the UFC it will take the top level guys buying in to a union for it to happen and that's less likely because of the money they make and Zuffa is aware of that. It would probably take some kind of scandal to coalesce the idea, maybe some kind of leak of Zuffa financial statements or some awful medical consequence that went untended because of financial issues.

drance2624 site profile image  

12/24/10 7:06 AM by drance2624

He got in the head too much.

AnExpensiveHat site profile image  

12/24/10 7:02 AM by AnExpensiveHat

No disrespect to GrappleYou, but are you retarded? You are on the comments section of a thread devoted to Herschel Walker's opinion, on which you yourself commented, and you're asking if anyone cares about his opinion? Clearly everyone from the admins at the UG to the layfans to both of us care about his opinion.


12/24/10 6:44 AM by K-Dub-"T"

Yes. Fighters who would like a union. And more fighters want a union than you could possibly imagine. I'm sure you don't give a fuck because you're not in that group..