Silva vs. Belfort: A Brazilian will be champion

by Guilherme Cruz | source: The Underground

“What I can assure is that a Brazilian will come off there as the champion (laughs). I’m training, doing my best. I’m sure that this event in February will bring a very intense bout, because it’s hard to study Anderson, he’s an excellent fighter, the best pound for pound in the world. I’ve been sacrificing my days so that, on February 5th, I can do a good show for you>"
Vitor Belfort

“First of all, I’m really glad I’m fighting a guy like Vitor, even because before I started fighting he already was a champion. He became a champion really young, so it’s cool that we can make these dreams come true, we can do our job and do what we do best: fight and change many things ... I think my mind is much focused on this, of using the power God gave me, using my technique, my skills, to change many things – not inside the ring, but off it. Setting an example to children, changing a little bit the image of our sport… I’ve been growing a lot during these last years with this image issue, with the kids coming to talk to me. This fight will make me keep my focus."
Amderson Silva

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Recent Comments »

1crazySOB site profile image  

12/27/10 11:39 AM by 1crazySOB

This isn't a 18 year old Belfort fighting rednecks in Louisiana. This is A Silvia! IMO noone at 185 beats a MOTIVATED Silvia. He realizes he has pissed Dana off and that Dana is trying to take his belt by throwing anyone he can at him. If A Silvia wanted to he could have KO'd Cote, Letes and Sonnen in the 1st rd. He doesn't want to give Dana an exciting fight. It is hilarious how he is toying with these punks. If he wants to, he KO's Belfort in the 1st rd!

CRE site profile image  

12/26/10 10:54 PM by CRE

Anderson and Vitor are going to bleed their hearts out in a dramatic display, Anderson has more blood to let so to speak.

Canada_88 site profile image  

12/26/10 10:45 PM by Canada_88

Anderson is the more diverse striker, and thats going to be the difference I think. Unless Vitor blitzes him

Poindexter site profile image  

12/26/10 10:39 PM by Poindexter

 Fairly cryptic comments. Should be a fucking amazing fight if Vitor doesn't get destroyed in the first round.

UsedFleshlightEatingBull site profile image  

12/26/10 10:25 PM by UsedFleshlightEatingBull

 this fight is going to be awesome.

FerrozzoFan site profile image  

12/26/10 10:03 PM by FerrozzoFan

yep. the besy part of this fight is i wont be upset no matter who wins. althouhg i think i'd rather have belfort pull it off.either way we all win. great card and a great fight

sevr1 site profile image  

12/26/10 9:59 PM by sevr1

Both seem like pretty cool guys, and incredible fighters. This one is a win win for us fans.

Immaculata site profile image  

12/26/10 2:52 PM by Immaculata

What a great match up, I can't wait for this fight.

JustSaying site profile image  

12/26/10 2:40 PM by JustSaying

I recently rewatched A LOT of Belfort's old fights. Pride, UFC, Affliction. He looked GREAT. Being a Silva fan and all, I started to get a bit uncomfortable that one of my favorite fighters might be defeated. A few days ago I saw footage of Vitor, he looks SO out of shape. If he comes in the cage in the shape that he was in as of the last few months, he will not be able to hang with Silva's speed. He never showed to have a dominant top game, if Silva pulls guard, he may be able to submit him. If not that, look for the muay thai clinch!

Stu P Dasso site profile image  

12/26/10 12:08 PM by Stu P Dasso