Is GSP more mainstream America than the sport of MMA?


“From a marketing perspective, I think there are many fighters who are extremely marketable but that don’t have the record that Georges’ does and that losses don’t always affect your marketability,” she said. “He’s also said that when he lost to Matt Hughes, he ended up getting many more fans than when he was winning. Randy Couture has a few losses on his record, and he’s one of the best-loved fighters of all time. … I don’t think our corporate sponsors are expecting a win or they’re going to pull out. We don’t feel that weight at all. Not at all.”

Spencer has helped St. Pierre become one of the few mixed martial artists to cross over into the mainstream with sponsors such as Gatorade and Under Armour. She credits his ability to separate himself from conventional views on fighters.

“I think he’s less of a typical stereotype of what the mainstream thinks of MMA and at one point what I thought of MMA -- that it’s mainly testosterone-laden, tatted up, pierced guys,” Spencer said. “That’s what most people still think. Slowly but surely we’re chipping away at that perception. Here you’ve got a good-looking, clean-cut guy, wears a suit at the press conference, doesn’t trash talk. He’s much more mainstream America than the sport is. I think that’s why he has that ability.”

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ticktick site profile image  

12/28/10 1:21 PM by ticktick

Rampage is getting up there too.

Fastlane site profile image  

12/27/10 1:37 PM by Fastlane

MMA is making it's way into mainstream though... You can walk into any Target or Wal Mart and buy UFC branded mma gloves and punching bags. As far as an actual fighter being a household name- Randy Couture would be the closest thing out there right now. GSP might be in second... but none of them are really household names until they achieve something like this:

bhealthy site profile image  

12/27/10 1:26 PM by bhealthy

yes, and he has nuttin' for sonnen

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

12/27/10 10:13 AM by Bobby Lupo

 Mike Tyson was as mainstream as a combat sports athlete could be and it had fuck all to do with wearing suits, not talking trash and some awww shucks act. Kimbo Slice had more people interested in MMA than anyone. Brock Lesnar would be number 2 and neither guy is a household name or mainstream star. People want the bad guy, not the businessman MMA is still a niche sport. It may take time or may never happen.

SJBenoist site profile image  

12/27/10 7:17 AM by SJBenoist

They are in the US. Consider this:We have roughly 245 million people over the age of 14.Roughly 63 million of those are women over 45, a little over one-fourth of the whole population.As a comparison, men 15-35 are only about 43 million. There are 50% MORE grandmothers (20 million more).Who is "mainstream", if not them?

Ansari site profile image  

12/26/10 6:39 PM by Ansari

“I haven’t heard any estimates yet on the pay-per-views. I would think they did pretty well given the prefight hype,” Spencer said. “I think I owe Josh Koscheck a really big Christmas present because he did a great job of making everybody want to tune in and see the fight.”

maxmain site profile image  

12/26/10 6:10 PM by maxmain

Jeesh...I hardly think anyone's Grandmother is mainstream.main·stream? ?[meyn-streem] –noun1.the principal or dominant course, tendency, or trend: the mainstream of American culture.

SJBenoist site profile image  

12/26/10 6:05 PM by SJBenoist

Not a single name in this thread is "household", as the term is usually used.Try asking your mother-in-law who Brock Lesnar is, or ask your grandmother if she has heard of Pacquiao.Very few athletes in any sport will ever achieve recognition beyond that sports fanbase. Most of those that do will do so by actions/events outside of their sport performance.What does any of this have to do with GSP's mainstream marketability?

JustSaying site profile image  

12/26/10 4:36 PM by JustSaying

I think Brock was marketed pretty well also. The whole WWE thing helped a tiny bit

ticktick site profile image  

12/26/10 4:11 PM by ticktick

there's no argument here. i'm saying he didn't even need to marketed to mainstream for people to know who he was. him and mayhem make quite the impression