Palaszewski will remain in UFC despite loss

by Damon Martin | source:

The former IFL and WEC lightweight got the news officially this week that he would receive another shot with Zuffa, only this time it would be in the UFC Octagon. It’s been a long week for several fighters facing the cut line, but Palaszewski won’t be one of them.

Palaszewski spoke exclusively to about the news that he’s going to be making the move to the UFC, and the workload ahead of him.

“I was happy obviously, but I thought that I was going anyway. That excitement was already going since we found out about the merger, so I was kind of already excited about it,” Palaszewski said.

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CraneFu site profile image  

12/29/10 4:00 PM by CraneFu

Agree with the Lytle comparison 100%

ausgepicht site profile image  

12/29/10 3:45 PM by ausgepicht

Good. He entertains. He's the Little Lytle.

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

12/29/10 3:42 PM by RyannVonDoom

 Good.. that decision was bullshit against the blanket. 

CraneFu site profile image  

12/29/10 3:13 PM by CraneFu

So happy for Bart, one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. If they give him a lay and pray wrestler his first fight out, they are throwing him to the wolves. If they give him a guy that is going to bang and stand with him, they understand his value to the UFC. I hope he gets a couple wins under his belt and starts talking all sorts of crap to Pettis to hype their rematch. Great fight in my book

Rocky Dennis fan site profile image  

12/29/10 3:02 PM by Rocky Dennis fan


BJJkilla site profile image  

12/29/10 2:58 PM by BJJkilla

glad to see bart in the UFC but i see the UFC throwing him to the wolves in his first fight.

Rocky Dennis fan site profile image  

12/29/10 2:54 PM by Rocky Dennis fan

I'm glad to hear this. Years ago I met him in the toilet known as Peoria Illinois. He was a genuine nice guy. Hope for the best for him.

eliwoo site profile image  

12/29/10 2:22 PM by eliwoo

He does have a win over pettis.

plastekt site profile image  

12/29/10 2:10 PM by plastekt

It's not like he beat their number one contender at LW a year ago or anything.

blueheron20816 site profile image  

12/29/10 1:54 PM by blueheron20816

Agreed, guy brings it, glad they kept him