Dos Santos won't wait for Velasquez

by Damon Martin | source: was able to speak with Dos Santos’ manager, Ed Soares, on Wednesday as well. According to him, the top contender in the heavyweight division will not be waiting for Velasquez to return before fighting again.

“He is not going to wait six months,” Soares said in a text message to

Dos Santos last fought in August when he defeated Roy Nelson by unanimous decision at UFC 117 in Oakland. The Brazilian would end up sitting out almost a year between fights if he waits for Velasquez to return, so it appears for now he will be looking for another fight in 2011 before he challenges the champion.

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DSaint site profile image  

12/31/10 1:06 PM by DSaint

 You mean when Chuck fought Babalu @ UFC 40 the first time, homeboy.

Internet Tufguy site profile image  

12/31/10 12:19 PM by Internet Tufguy

If he keeps growing, Bones Jones will be the next hot shit heavyweight.

BLPorritt site profile image  

12/30/10 10:43 PM by BLPorritt

Dos Santos and Overeem. Winner gets Velasquez

Poindexter site profile image  

12/30/10 10:19 PM by Poindexter

 Mur is annoying.

SteveNovak site profile image  

12/30/10 10:04 PM by SteveNovak

Hopefully he fights in Toronto would be sick to watch that guy perform along with Gsp-Shields

The fake Mike Robertson site profile image  

12/30/10 9:55 PM by The fake Mike Robertson

This sucks, jds deserved that shot. And the problem is, who the fuck is #3 hw? Cains clearly top dog, jds second. And then? Lesnar? Who by all reports doesn't want o fight anymore? Carwin can't have leapfrogged lesnar since losing his title shot against him. And then who else is there? Schaub is not a top heavyweight and I like Struve but he's had his ass handed too him whenever he's fought real quality opposition. Anyone?

Chris723 site profile image  

12/30/10 9:22 PM by Chris723

Agreed. The funniest part about Rashad was him complaining about not making money while waiting.

gaycuckold site profile image  

12/30/10 9:18 PM by gaycuckold

Seeing JDS murder Barnett would make me so happy

CHILLITACO site profile image  

12/30/10 8:01 PM by CHILLITACO

i think you hit this one on the head! probably a good long term move too,

nobones site profile image  

12/30/10 8:01 PM by nobones

 ?  If JDS could wait he probably would.  He just can't afford it.  Rashad can.  And when Rampage went to film A-Team instead of waiting Rashad took the fight with Thiago.  Last time he waited a long time for an opponent he almost killed Chuck.