Outraged Dos Santos questions Cain Velasquez injury

by Eduardo Cruz | source: fightersonlymagazine.co.uk

"I'm really outraged. How does a person leaves a fight versus Brock Lesnar in perfect physical condition and then get hurt without being in training? The last news I heard about Velasquez, he was riding in Mexico. How did he get injured?"
"I'm in the best moment of my career, training heavily and working hard to put on the fight of my life, and all of a sudden, this is postponed for eight months. That's unfair.

“I'm five months without fighting, fighting is my life, not just because I love doing it, but also because I need to fight for a living. I don't make as much money as the top fighters, so I really need to work."
"Of course it would be fantastic to face Velasquez at 'UFC Rio', in August, but I can't keep myself one year away from the Octagon only waiting for his recovering… so I do think what would be most fair, would be Dana gives me the opportunity to fight for an interim belt".
"I'm 100% focused to conquest this belt and nothing will take out my focus from my objective."

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tomfoolery site profile image  

1/1/11 11:25 AM by tomfoolery

I agree . The only thing this proves is JDS is like everybody else at Blackhouse. Which means if it doesn't go his way he will whine or make excuses I think they all are starting to act like Soares.

role model site profile image  

12/31/10 10:55 PM by role model

^Thanks for stating your opinion as a fact!

evangelico site profile image  

12/31/10 10:35 PM by evangelico

waste of time thread, anybody with a brain knows cain is really hurt

dethrone site profile image  

12/31/10 3:07 PM by dethrone

he said it on george lopez show the night after the fight as well. george asked if any injuries other than a little bruise on face and he said his shoulder was sore. told him he didn't notice it during fight but that after cooled down it hurt.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

12/31/10 1:56 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

The UFC heavyweight title being defended is still like a blowjob from your wife. You get it once a year if you're lucky. Blame it on Rio. JDS vs Cain to headline with Royce as the gimmick. Not saying he isn't hurt but come on; bullshit no one knew until it conveniently puts him back in time to fight in Rio for a mega event.

The Swagologist site profile image  

12/31/10 1:26 PM by The Swagologist

If he says it happened during the fight Zuffa pays for it, if it happened goofing around ala Frank Mir speeding on his bike or Mikey running into a wall on TUF, Zuffa will not pay for it.Cain maybe running a scam on Zuffa

KickassMcrad site profile image  

12/31/10 1:17 PM by KickassMcrad

Looks like JDS has a touch of the toxoplasmosis.

DSaint site profile image  

12/31/10 1:04 PM by DSaint

 The worst thing about this post is: Most people are too stupid to read it. I agree with what you've said and anyone with a semi-functioning brain should too.

Drewout site profile image  

12/31/10 12:25 PM by Drewout

Yeah nobody goes into a fight with any injuries or even hurt old injuries again. Everyone is in perfect condition every time they step in the cage. No training injuries ever happen either.He must be faking...

GIJOEjiujitsu site profile image  

12/31/10 9:40 AM by GIJOEjiujitsu

he probably hurt it well after the fight, but is pinning it on the fight because he doesnt have health insurance and wants the ufc to pick up the tab.