Overeem destroys Duffee in 14 seconds for DREAM interim heavyweight title

source: mmajunkie.com

Alistair Overeem wants a third belt, bringing him to Dynamite this evening as he's got a chance to lock up the Dream (interim) heavyweight title. The VTR also makes mention of how the strongest man in 6,000,000,000 -- a nod to Pride's heavyweight grand prix of yore -- Fedor Emelianenko, lost earlier this year to Fabricio Werdum by triangle. As such, they posit Overeem as the strongest man in 7,000,000,000.

Their explanation of Duffee is interesting in that "he's a man with the fastest knockout in the UFC, and was somehow released by them."

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Duffee charges across the ring at the opening bell, but Overeem stood firm in the face of the charge and set up his striking attack. After a few missed punches from Duffee, Overeem delivered a stunning right hand to the temple and a knockout left hook to the chin that saw his opponent fall through the ropes on the way to the canvas.

The whole process took just 14 seconds.

With the win, Overeem wraps up a stellar 2010 in which he defended the Strikeforce heavyweight title, claimed the K-1 World Grand Prix title and now the DREAM interim heavyweight championship. Meanwhile, Duffee, while certainly to be commended for taking on such a tall order, is now winless in his past two outings.

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vruntson site profile image  

1/3/11 9:00 AM by vruntson

Duffee crumpled just like the rest of the UFC HW Division if Overeem got hold of them.Pretty sad that the No.1 MMA organsiation has a very average HW division.

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

1/2/11 10:51 AM by ABE FROMAN

Where did you get your screen name? I need to know.  

Naphtali site profile image  

1/2/11 7:58 AM by Naphtali

Oh man, a lot of people are still in denial.This Alistair Overeem is for real but it's ok.Because he will just keep destroying everyone in his way untill the haters will turn in to fans.Oh man, he made duffee look like an amateur and that my friends, is the power of Alistair Overeem.Can't wait to see him in the UFC, because only then the ufc minded people will finally recoignize the awesome fighter that Alistair Overeem is.People don't give him the respect he deserves but that's ok beacuse the Reem will take his respect himself.

Lionheart XIX site profile image  

1/1/11 5:27 PM by Lionheart XIX

Lmao at this thread. Overeem is K1 champ, the number one rated kickboxer in the world. Not surprising he fucked Duffee up with the quickness. Legit fight, he is a scary opponent for anyone.

brotha lynch hung site profile image  

1/1/11 3:52 PM by brotha lynch hung

And the huge fagot award goes to ... emoshilldisaster.

TheVandalz site profile image  

1/1/11 12:05 PM by TheVandalz

 After 5 years, EM's still makin friends the same way he always has :D LOL

Scrappy Rogacki site profile image  

1/1/11 11:08 AM by Scrappy Rogacki

Overeem needs to lose to Mir and decision Herring before he can be considered top 10 and fight for UFC title IMHO.

theoneiv site profile image  

1/1/11 10:09 AM by theoneiv

Another lurker that feels compelled to climb down from my tower of isolation to tell you to stfu if you legitimately thought that fight was a work. Duffee has never been hit with that kind of force. He was completely outclassed. End of story.

DrewPeacock1 site profile image  

1/1/11 9:35 AM by DrewPeacock1

the reem needs to be in the ufc. dana says hes not top 10.. hes #1. i knew he was gonna knock duffee out soon enough, just not as soon as he did. i got respect for duffee stepping up and taking a fight against overeem on a weeks notice.

Kmonk site profile image  

1/1/11 9:10 AM by Kmonk

This thread has become a nightmare for EM.First he gets owned by at least half a dozen 10'ers, and now even the UBER-lurkers are coming out of the woodwork to put him on blast!