Overeem vs. Werdum will be a 5-round title fight

by Josh Gross | source: espn.com

Beginning with Overeem's quarterfinal bout against Werdum, each Strikeforce title fight throughout the tournament will be a five-round contest. All other bouts are relegated to three rounds. Should Overeem win out, he'll have a strong case to be considered the No. 1 heavyweight in MMA. The same could be said for Emelianenko or Werdum.

"What better way to identify who is the greatest heavyweight out there in our division?" Coker said. "We felt this was the best way to put that together. I promised the fans that we would let all these guys fight each other."

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NickTheBrick site profile image  

1/5/11 6:55 PM by NickTheBrick

Coker said today on Sherdog radio that he is talking with the commissions about making every fight in the tourney a 5 rounder. Odds are none of them go the distance anyway, but it would be cool if this happened.

fna site profile image  

1/5/11 5:14 PM by fna

 Awesome news!!! Reem vs Werdum 5 rounder followed(hopefully by) Fedor vs the winner in a 5 rounder!!! Why would anyone want those fights to only be 3 rounds? Makes the finals a little anti-climatic with the Reem/Fedor/ Werdum/Bigfoot side stacked with the top 4 ranked guys out of the 8 but who cares if we can get Reem vs Fedor 5 rounder for the belt out of this? And Werdum isn't even being f'd out of his title shot he deserves for beating Fedor.  This is awesome news, anybody that argues otherwise might want to find a forum for another sport.

herculestex1 site profile image  

1/5/11 8:23 AM by herculestex1

i'm excited about it.....a tourney, no tourney, playoffs, whatever. it's great fights finally between SF best HW. after it all goes down, the winner will have a decent case of becoming the baddest man on the planet.

Capo Ultra site profile image  

1/5/11 6:18 AM by Capo Ultra

It's ridiculous that people actually care if it's called a tournament or not. Basically, all the top heavyweights will be fighting and those that don't fight will build stories that they can fight off the back off once these fights ends. It's what everyone wanted, surely?

occmsrazr site profile image  

1/5/11 4:45 AM by occmsrazr

the fact that what is essentially the tournament prize in the HW belt is going to be on the line in one of the quarter finals does make it a little less tournament-y.

Zamiel site profile image  

1/5/11 4:41 AM by Zamiel

The NFL playoffs are not a tournament. They're just a single-elimination series of football games between 12 teams where the final team standing is the champion.

Mr Sponge site profile image  

1/5/11 4:20 AM by Mr Sponge

Uber only needs one round to KO werdum

nofatchicks site profile image  

1/5/11 2:39 AM by nofatchicks

The sooner Overeem and Fedor could potentially fight, the more likely it is to happen. I would be shocked if this thing goes all the way through without someone or something fucking it up. Have them fight in the first round as far as I'm concerned.

Hardtongue site profile image  

1/5/11 2:37 AM by Hardtongue

Well I, for one, am extremely pleased/excited (provided M1 doesn't fuck anything up).I don't see why people are complaining about Fedor and Overeem being on the same side of the brackets. If Fedor beats Silva and Overeem beats Werdum(which IMHO will most likely happen), then we get to see Werdum/Reem AND Fedor/Reem. If Werdum manages to beat Overeem, then we get to see Werdum/Fedor II. Either way, its a win win for me.Also, with Reem/Fedor being on the same side, it eliminates one fight each before they hypothetically meet, minimizing the chances of dropout via injury or a loss. Yeah, the finals won't be quite as epic, but (again IMO) it almost guarantees Reem/Fedor. Personally, I'd rather them fight in the semi's than not at all.Just my 2 cents.

Mr Pulla site profile image  

1/5/11 1:07 AM by Mr Pulla

No I didn't forget, and one glance at The Reem's record will remind you he is not fond of decisions and will not be turning this into a battle of endurance. A fight from 5 years ago means very little.