Sakuraba's ear successfully reattached after five hour surgery

by Josh Gross | source:


@joshgrossespn what's the latest on Sakuraba's ear...?

... Successfully reattached after five hours of surgery. Yeesh.
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TSMontana site profile image  

1/6/11 12:59 PM by TSMontana

With all that said, I really wish he had a chance to fight in the modern-day UFC. He may not have won, but I think it would have helped get the UFC over in Japan (even with its declining MMA market).

TSMontana site profile image  

1/6/11 12:55 PM by TSMontana

That's probably the truth. a ring, or cage.

brownchickenbrowncow site profile image  

1/6/11 11:32 AM by brownchickenbrowncow

Saku strikes me as the kind of guy that will commit seppeku the day he is forced to retire. If it werent for the negative impacts it would have on the sport as a whole, i would say let the man be beat to death in the middle of the ring. It is obviously what he wants. That being said, if Dream is going to participate in the eventual demise of saku, give him some fuckin half decent matchups for christs sake. Guys like Manhoef and Zaromskis(I feel like sakuraba almost got out of that fight lucky even though he had his ear ripped off) have such dangerous strikes that all it takes is one and Saku is done for.I know at this point in his career and life all strikes are dangerous to Sakuraba, but come on. Thank god Zaromskis didnt land a really hard punch headkick combo, or Sakus ear might have been the least of his problems.

OUTCOLD site profile image  

1/6/11 10:15 AM by OUTCOLD

Saks ear has more heart than most fighters! he needs to enjoy retirement but he loves to fight soooo much he got his fucking ear punched off! He is one hardcore motherfucker!

TrevorRice site profile image  

1/6/11 9:50 AM by TrevorRice

nothing left to prove. dont know why he keeps fighting.

whiteghost site profile image  

1/6/11 2:24 AM by whiteghost

 Saku is a warrior. He'll stop fighting when he's dead.

ghostofgibran site profile image  

1/6/11 2:19 AM by ghostofgibran

I really wish he would have retired after beating funaki. Would have been perfect timing.

TSMontana site profile image  

1/6/11 12:21 AM by TSMontana

Doesn't even look remotely like the same guy who tore through the Gracies. Wand did a hell of a job on him.

Sharkman170 site profile image  

1/5/11 10:46 PM by Sharkman170

lmfao!!!!!! voted up

HYBRID JON site profile image  

1/5/11 10:07 PM by HYBRID JON

The guy is a fucking Samurai...  Maybe the last one, he's deserved the right to pick how he goes out.  If ya dont want to watch it, dont tune in ... But you will...   (Editied for "dont"