Gary Goodridge finally paid for 2009 DREAM fight

by Ben Fowlkes | source:

Gary Goodridge has finally been paid for his bout with Gegard Mousasi at the New Year's Eve Dynamite!! 2009 event in Tokyo. Goodridge is happy. Sort of.

"They gave me $9,000 short," Goodride told MMA Fighting on Thursday.

"They came up with some kind of Japanese tax, I don't know what they did. They sent me a breakdown of it, but it's just tax. I've never paid these taxes before in my life. But they're having problems, the company is having problems, so I'm glad to get paid, absolutely. Should I keep my mouth shut? No. But thank you very much, it took you a year and then you're $9,000 short. I'm happy, but in the same breath, they cheated me."

"I'm done. I'm just looking for a job. I'm going over some legal stuff right now and then just trying to get a job and relax. I'm 44. I'm done."

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GROUCHY SMURF site profile image  

1/7/11 8:19 AM by GROUCHY SMURF

DREAM being shady? Say it isn't soDon't worry tho, EVILYOSHIDA will be on here soon to tell you how DREAM is awesome and the UFC sucksYou see, DREAM not paying fighters is Dana's fault. Dana is the piece of shit that doesn't care. It's not like he paid Jorge Rivera for the show and the win when Sakara backed out 6 hrs before the fightOh thats right...the commissions forced him to right? Stupid commissions...always worrying about fighter safety and payLMAO...DREAM is such a shit org. Scumbag promoters, thrown fights and full of japanocans

EvilMaster site profile image  

1/7/11 6:35 AM by EvilMaster

He finds a job and goes to work. That's what happens when an MMA fighter retires.

flip_guard site profile image  

1/7/11 5:53 AM by flip_guard

What happens when an MMA fighter retires. What does Gary Goodridge do now for money. It's not like he made a ton of money when he was fighting.

EvilMaster site profile image  

1/7/11 3:18 AM by EvilMaster

But according to the trolls here, DREAM is the bestest org evah!

brotha lynch hung site profile image  

1/7/11 2:46 AM by brotha lynch hung

Ofcourse no bones shows up, what were you number 4 on the shill list? Surprise, surprise.

nobones site profile image  

1/7/11 2:43 AM by nobones

Pride was no different.  They were as crooked as a barrel of snatch.  That is why the Pride nut-huggers are retarded.  Pride dying to allow for the UFC to rise was actually a good thing overall for MMA.  Now the UFC sets the standard and it is a much better, and yes a much more honest and transparent standard.  Sure Dana pays people secret bonuses but only secret to the public not the IRS.  This all came out during the Couture deal where the outlined every cent they had been paying him.  Pride would lie to fighters about how much they would pay them, then get them to commit to a tournament or something then find ways to cheat them out their money.  Anyone remember the ridiculous number of yellow cards the Pride referees used to give out?  Or they would tell one fighter 3 months in advance who they were fighting, but they wouldn't even notify the other until 4-5 weeks before the fight.  They did this before Sakuraba vs. Rampage they told Sakuraba he was to fight Rampage several months in advance and a few weeks before the fight they called Rampage and actually offered him the fight.

West Coast Nancy site profile image  

1/7/11 2:33 AM by West Coast Nancy

the UFC cheats fighters out of millions every year by lowballing them.

ECWCock site profile image  

1/7/11 2:28 AM by ECWCock


brotha lynch hung site profile image  

1/7/11 1:59 AM by brotha lynch hung

^ yep but your facts are no good here because this is just another payed thread by ecwcock. (regarding chunkyass)