Coach Lindland: Sonnen's 'just not very tough'

by Steven Marrocco | source:

When news broke that Chael Sonnen had been suspended by the UFC not long after his guilty plea to federal charges of money laundering, Matt Lindland, Sonnen's coach of 15 years, rang his cell phone.

"I think Chael has made a couple of mistakes," Lindland said.  He didn't think things through. I don't think there was any malice in what he did at all. If you knew him really well, you'd understand that he's not about, 'How can I make a quick buck?'

"The way I look at this stuff, it looks like somebody asked him to do a solid. In his mind, he didn't think of the consequences and the ramifications behind this. It was like, 'Oh yeah, sure.' Part of the daily, 'How can I help this guy out?'"

"I don't agree with everything they (UFC) do, and I don't even know if I agree with this, but I think it's what's best for everybody in the long run. There needs to be some consequences for actions. It just sucks that these consequences are that he can't make a living in two of his chosen professions.

"I've said this before as his coach: He'll put the work in, and he'll stay dedicated, and he'll stay focused. He's an incredible athlete. He's got all the tools. But in fighting, you have to be a tough m***********. And he's just not very tough."

"I think this is partially his mistakes and partially maybe by design that Chael was lacking one element to make him a champion, and I think that's the toughness. I really think he's going to come out of this on the other side and be really, really tough."

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MMAfan55 site profile image  

1/8/11 11:00 AM by MMAfan55

whoever on here saying shit about lindland can suck it.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

1/8/11 10:29 AM by SKARHEAD

Linland is a liar and a cheater as he's proven in his fights...Been KO'd in the 1st round more than once unlike Sonnen...and pretty low to talk so badly about people he's coached for years (Sonnen, Tanner)....also, Sonnen would TRAINWRECK Linland any day of the week. Woogie needs to shut up.

Misedukatd site profile image  

1/8/11 9:57 AM by Misedukatd

Chael has plenty of issues, but toughness does not seem to be the main one

PassnSmash site profile image  

1/8/11 9:23 AM by PassnSmash


Empire site profile image  

1/8/11 8:23 AM by Empire

he lied about tapping. period. bustamante had to do it twice in one honor.

Deaf Forever site profile image  

1/8/11 5:24 AM by Deaf Forever

Anderson is a LOT tougher than Sonnen. He fought with a bruised rib sustained less than two weeks before the fight and survived the so called "tooling" to win by sub. At no point in that 23 minutes was his will or concentration broken. That's the definition of tough and it's amazing how the Sonnen nuthuggers put down Silva for winning via clutch but blow Sonnen's balls for HIS supposed "toughness" (Marquardt fight is the only time he's ever overcome adversity, he quit against Terry Martin and loads of BJJ practitioners).

ElChupaNibre site profile image  

1/8/11 5:23 AM by ElChupaNibre

Lindland is more accomplished in MMA than Sonnen.

Deaf Forever site profile image  

1/8/11 5:17 AM by Deaf Forever

The Sonnen nuthugging is on another level in this thread. Lindland has trained the guy since he was a teen and basically has a point in that Sonnen choked against Silva (who was injured no less). He lost focus and left his arm out there for the taking.

Kliquid site profile image  

1/8/11 4:43 AM by Kliquid

Kick a guy while he's down...

theppfftt site profile image  

1/8/11 3:52 AM by theppfftt

If he's lacking anything it's his BJJ..However...he's shaping up to be a perfect politician.A cheat....