Beerbohm: 'I'm not selling out anymore'

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My nick name is Fancy pants because my 70 year old Mom makes my fight shorts and they are pretty fancy but because I make most of my money on sponsors I'm not able to wear them on the big shows. I'm 16-0 as a pro.  I have two documentaries coming out in 2011, and Fight Life.  I have a big fight in Feb on Showtime. In  2011 your going to see alot of me on TV.  I'm looking for a clothing company to make some custom Fancy Pants for my upcoming fights.  My Mom said that would be alright.  If I can't find someone to make some custom 'Fancy Pants' for me I guess I'll stay broke and continue to wear my Mom's homemade 'Fancy Pants'.  Either way I'll be wearing crazy shorts.
Lyle Beerbohm 

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11er site profile image  

1/19/11 1:02 PM by 11er

16-0 overall.5-0 Strikeforce.You sir are under my radar.

Vivier site profile image  

1/19/11 12:57 PM by Vivier

Fancy's mom is cooler than Phyliss mom...she can still sew and digs thongs.*sticks out tongue*

Phyliss Lees Boy Toy site profile image  

1/18/11 11:49 PM by Phyliss Lees Boy Toy

My mom is crippled by severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and isn't able to sew anymore, you insensitive bastard. And even is she wasn't, she wouldn't be wasting her talents on some stupid thong. You better pray to God she doesn't read this.

Vivier site profile image  

1/18/11 8:22 PM by Vivier

Have mom sew you a Fancy Thong then put temporary tattoos on your butt cheeks.

Phyliss Lees Boy Toy site profile image  

1/18/11 6:26 PM by Phyliss Lees Boy Toy

Well, I guess it's a good thing your mother didn't harbor resentment towards you because she wanted a daughter, and make Fancy Sports Bra's for you.

cagebum site profile image  

1/18/11 3:16 PM by cagebum

ttt for fancier pants

shlever site profile image  

1/18/11 8:51 AM by shlever


TotalFightSource site profile image  

1/18/11 8:47 AM by TotalFightSource

quit drinking my kool aid shlever

shlever site profile image  

1/18/11 8:18 AM by shlever

See shorts at  

shlever site profile image  

1/18/11 8:17 AM by shlever

If you get stuck we could build you a decent website and send you some Achilles shorts for the February fight. Your mom could then sew some fabric into the inside panel and or waistband for fanciness if you like. Send me a PM for details or to discuss.  


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