Alistair Overeem risks belt In SF Grand Prix

by Ken Pishna | source:

The Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix.won’t narrow down the contenders to Alistair Overeem’s heavyweight belt. Overeem, in fact, will participate in the tournament, his belt on the line.

“It’ll be four nights over a period of eight months, then we’ll have one champion,” Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker told

“The goal is to have Alistair put up his belt against Fabricio Werdum. If Werdum wins, then he will have to put up the belt, but at the end, you will have one champion.”

That is the goal, but it’s not yet a done deal. Strikeforce still has to work out the details with the athletic commissions in the states where it plans to hold Grand Prix bouts.

“We’re working with the athletic commissions because of the round issue,” said Coker. Most commissions deem title fights five-round bouts; non-title fights are typically three rounds.

To make the tournament format fair to all eight fighters, plus the alternates, Strikeforce would like to make all tournament bouts five rounds. 

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redneckbjj site profile image  

1/10/11 5:19 AM by redneckbjj


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1/10/11 12:14 AM by UltraMagnus


ChokeEmOut site profile image  

1/9/11 11:35 PM by ChokeEmOut

The deal with Overeem is that we all know he has talent but how he would fair against top HW's has all been opinion. I'm interested to see how he handles adversity now? That will be the key for him because these HW's will test him big time. Just on overall skill I'd pick Fedor or Overeem to take this thing.

sparkuri site profile image  

1/9/11 11:26 PM by sparkuri

Oops, yeah. That's what I meant. Other than sanctioning, I can't remember the last major format/rules change in the U.S. . It's be a MAJOR step if Coker pulls this off. Seems it'd open the door for more ?   

rockwell site profile image  

1/9/11 11:21 PM by rockwell

And the first step forward in MMA outside of the UFC since Pride died.

LiverpoolFC site profile image  

1/9/11 11:16 PM by LiverpoolFC

Easily the most exciting thing to happen in mma in years. Just such a shame there can't be a world tourney like this rather than being a strikeforce event so we could see the top 2 guys from the UFC ranks go and represent (not that blaf would allow obviously). That said winner takes all here and that man is uber IMO. Let's get a World Cup grand prix going for all major weight classes and hold it every 2 years. This alone would stop UFC monopolising and let us see the best of the best putting it on the line cross-orgs. Just sayin.

sparkuri site profile image  

1/9/11 10:57 PM by sparkuri

 In fact that'd be Strikeforces' first MAJOR contribution to it's growth I believe.  The first "growth" in a while in terms of format.

EVILYOSHIDA site profile image  

1/9/11 10:57 PM by EVILYOSHIDA

lol @ us mma. they even hvae to go to uncle sam to ask permission for more rounds.more reason why japan should be the center of MMA.

rockwell site profile image  

1/9/11 10:53 PM by rockwell

If they get the commissions to allow all the matches to be 5 rounders that is exceptionally good and a real step forward for the sport.