Pat Barry: Don't know how anyone will stop Overeem

by Erik Fontanez | source:

“I think that my striking ability is what helped me to get better, to do well in MMA,” UFC heavyweight Pat Barry said on MMAWeekly Radio. “My striking ability is what helped me grow and helped me do the things I was capable of doing in MMA. At the same time, training in MMA has made my striking 10 times better. By doing two-and-a-half years of wrestling, jiu-jitsu and just MMA striking, I’m confident that I’m a much better kickboxer now than I was when I was just kickboxing.”

“For anyone to think that a kickboxer cannot make the transition over to MMA is ridiculous.”

“For anyone to think that an MMA guy cannot make the transition over into kickboxing is ridiculous. Anybody can do anything nowadays."

When reflecting on Overeem and his success in both sports, Barry talked about the Dutch fighter and how he is an unstoppable force.

“The dude is a monster. That’s what I think. Not only is he humongous,  he’s extremely experienced. That’s what makes him the most dangerous. Not just the size, but he has so much experience in MMA and in kickboxing, and he’s a Dutch trained kickboxer. I was in Amsterdam for five years. I know what the Dutch train like out there. The dude is a monster. I don’t know how anyone is going to stop him any time soon.

“He doesn’t seem to get tired. All he needs to do is hit you one time. He’s fast, he’s athletic, and he’s strong as hell. He’s everything you need all in one body.”

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carradinechoke site profile image  

1/11/11 2:46 PM by carradinechoke

Unless someone pulls a "Last Boyscout" move on him, I think the title is pretty safe

SKARHEAD site profile image  

1/11/11 8:09 AM by SKARHEAD

Yeah, but orcus says otherwise so clearly Pat Berry knows nothing about fighting.

shb site profile image  

1/11/11 3:46 AM by shb

big fan of barry's style and his attitude. it's refreshing to hear fighters praise other people in the same weight class, and especially in different promotions

MacNYC site profile image  

1/11/11 2:26 AM by MacNYC

Pat Barry is a smart man one can beat Overeem outside of a fluke now....the new Fedor for at least a couple years.

OneSidedWar site profile image  

1/10/11 11:55 PM by OneSidedWar


JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

1/10/11 11:51 PM by JimmersonzGlove

 Respect to Barry for not being a company man and saying what he wants.

HELWIG site profile image  

1/10/11 11:39 PM by HELWIG

 "Do you really not see a improvement between the Overeem that fought Werdum, Sergei, Shogun to the one today?" Oh I absolutely do. The problem is that the old Overeem fought way better competition and consistently did so. So the new Reem has a new body, and a new attitude and has looked real sharp. But he has fought extraordinarily weak competition to warrant the INTERGALACTIC levels of hype/man-lust he's been getting. Who's to say the old Overeem couldnt have looked this good fighting fringe top 20 competition?

DreamFTW site profile image  

1/10/11 11:18 PM by DreamFTW

2011 is overeems year

yurfuct site profile image  

1/10/11 11:15 PM by yurfuct

Pat was saying the same 'unstoppable' shite about Brock not long ago...