Carwin on how he would approach a fight with Overeem

by Shane Carwin | source: The Underground

From: Shane Carwin
Member Since: 10/11/06
Posts: 954
anything after the 1st round Carwin will be in trouble:)

From: Shane Carwin
Member Since: 10/11/06
Posts: 955
Everything I have seen is on TV but he has been very impressive. He is HUGE and fast. It would be a tough fight for me. I would use my wrestling and try to win it on the ground. Standing with that guy can make your night and fight a lot shorter.

I want to train or fight with as many great athletes as I can during my time in this sport. Hopefully no regrets.

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john_d site profile image  

1/11/11 5:22 PM by john_d


The Last Emperor site profile image  

1/10/11 11:50 PM by The Last Emperor

Well they do have about the same amount of significant wins at HW.

ENZO007 site profile image  

1/10/11 11:21 PM by ENZO007

I say Overeem but this fight is really a tossup IMO.

spliff site profile image  

1/10/11 10:53 PM by spliff

If Shane would be able to take him down he would win ... If Arona was able to make Overeem tap to strikes im pretty sure Shane could too.

StutheJu site profile image  

1/10/11 10:33 PM by StutheJu

I know Shane is a UG favorite because he posts here but realistically how many men in their mid 30's have a major back surgery and come back as strong or stronger than before. I'm afraid that Carwin's best days are behind him. The strength and punching power wiil still be there but the mobility and explosiveness will not be what it used to be. It's going to take more than Tofu and Broccoli birthday cake to give Carwin a chance against Ubereem. If he stands he's fucked via punch/kick combos, If he clinches he's fucked via Uberknee and superior clinch game (knees,strength, etc.), and if he shoots he's fucked via Uberknee or guillotine. Carwin knows in his heart he wants nothing to do with this fight but being the warrior that he is he would sack up and give it a go if Overeem came to the UFC.

epwar site profile image  

1/10/11 9:35 PM by epwar

Nah. Ubereem has tons more KO losses than Gonzaga. ;-)

Carl Weathers site profile image  

1/10/11 9:33 PM by Carl Weathers

Are you trying to compare Ubereem to Gonzaga

epwar site profile image  

1/10/11 9:31 PM by epwar

You mean the fight where Carwin took two solid shots, got taken down, got up and KOed Gonzaga with a single punch in just over a minute?

Matt101 site profile image  

1/10/11 9:27 PM by Matt101

Hard to say what would happen until we see Overeem deal with a good wrestler. Although whoever that wrestler is better avoid that knee going in for the take down, Duffy was stopped in his tracks standing, imagine the added force of someone shooting in.. on the other hand a sort of Chael Sonnen approach to fighting Silva might work?

inf0 site profile image  

1/10/11 9:07 PM by inf0

Flying knee to the toofus...