Volkmann will dedicate next fight to 'Obama lovers'

source: sherdog.com

Despite a visit from the Secret Service and a video appearance on “The Tonight Show” in which an edited-in Barack Obama rammed his head into a picture frame, Jacob Volkmann doesn’t regret his comments about the U.S. president.

“My stock went up quite a bit, didn’t it?” Volkmann said Friday on the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show. “People are watching more of my videos. They’re trying to understand what I’m about."

“I’m getting the message out, finally.”

“I deal with a lot of insurance, and the bill gave insurance companies quite a bit of power,” said Volkmann, a chiropractor by day. “But it forced them to also give insurance to everybody, which I’m not against at all; I’m just against the power that they got to deny claims and to deny coverage to health care providers. So that’s why I was speaking: I was speaking through the provider’s standpoint, not the insured’s standpoint.”

“...people looking me up, saying I should be ashamed of myself, that I’m not even a real doctor, I’m just a fighter, I should keep my mouth shut. That was really irritating ...”

“Somebody’s got to bring up these issues because who else is going to do it? I’ve already got the attention on me. I might as well keep going with it.”

In fact, Volkmann said his next fight would be dedicated to “the Obama lovers” who called him.

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inf0 site profile image  

1/10/11 9:15 PM by inf0

fuck the sheeple! Volkmann rox

inf0 site profile image  

1/10/11 9:14 PM by inf0


BLACKBUDDAH site profile image  

1/10/11 9:09 PM by BLACKBUDDAH

This guy has to figure out, when they're laughing at you its mockery but when they laugh with you it's because they're also retarded.

Sofa King Cool site profile image  

1/10/11 8:20 PM by Sofa King Cool

I like Volkmann.I hope he milks his 15 minutes.

GoodnightWorld site profile image  

1/10/11 8:11 PM by GoodnightWorld

Volkman's pseudoscientific quack degree makes him qualified to critique a bill designed by a Harvard juris doctorate, who graduated Cum Laude, and the hundreds of other lawyers and policymakers that put forward the measure. I thought you guys would know that. Volkman is fortunate to live in a country where the leader's praetorian guard only mean-mugs you for a first offense. If this were Russia or Iran he'd already be in prison.

SudburyBJJ site profile image  

1/10/11 8:01 PM by SudburyBJJ

Lauzon has some nerd tendencies, but I can picture him still picking up some hot broads. Look at Volkmann...listen to him talk. He's a legit nerd. haha!

MillhouseMMA site profile image  

1/10/11 7:53 PM by MillhouseMMA


MillhouseMMA site profile image  

1/10/11 7:52 PM by MillhouseMMA

So he's not going to do anything?

Darth BLAF site profile image  

1/10/11 7:51 PM by Darth BLAF

What an awesome time RIGHT NOW to have your only claim to 5 minutes of fame be for threatening a politican....and the President to boot! He should definitely milk this. Maybe they'll even put him on tv to talk about the half dozen people who were either murdered or maimed in Arizona. Maybe FOX News will give him his own show!

SudburyBJJ site profile image  

1/10/11 7:39 PM by SudburyBJJ

with Tandem McCrory out of the UFC...is Volkmann the biggest nerd on the roster?