Cerrone looking to knockout Paul Kelly in UFC debut

source: csnwashington.com

"The guy I'm fighting is not much of a kickboxer, he's more of a stand-up boxer, so I think I'll be able to keep him at bay with my distance if I use my kicks effectively so really I don't have to step back and gameplan anything differently for this guy, just go in there and hopefully he wants to brawl. I don't even know who Paul Kelly is to be honest with you, they just sent me some tape on him... as far as throwing down I know the dude brings it, comes straight forward every time and that's the kind of fighter I like to fight. A knockout would be good [for my] UFC debut."

transcribed courtesty of MMAMania...

original video available here...

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2/6/11 9:19 AM by ramit upper

Thanks...     but i always thought the Fonze was a bit creepy...       I  mean he`s a grown man who befriends/grooms school boys & hangs out in the mens-room alot.. ...but i suppose you`d like that sort of thing?  ;)  

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2/6/11 9:12 AM by ramit upper

 ttt for Archer

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2/6/11 5:07 AM by ramit upper

 Ok Archer...    you win..      congratulations. Whats my new name going to be? 

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Thanks for playing uk

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I'll ttt for you UKTT boys tomorrow. :3

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LOL, pay up, ramit.

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1/18/11 7:57 AM by Archer0545

Good Luck you you then Ramit!  PS:  Love the Fonze!  

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Cerrone via whatever he wantsplus he fucks brit palmer..that alone makes him better