Lesnar and JDS to coach TUF 13, winner faces Cain for title

by Dann Stupp | source: mmajunkie.com

After months of speculation and more than a dozen rumored names, UFC president Dana White today announced heavyweight contenders Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos will be coaches on the upcoming 13th season of "The Ultimate Fighter."

"The Ultimate Fighter 13" debuts March 30 on Spike TV, and a live finale is slated for June 4. The coaches meet in a season-ending fight in June, possibly at UFC 131 in Toronto.

No interim title will be on the line when the coaches fight, though the winner gets an immediate title shot with Velasquez.

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Dana says Brock vs. JDS will "definitely" happen in June.

Dana tells Vancouver to "keep your fingers crossed" because "you could be getting" Brock-JDS.

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"There were a lot of people we were looking at, and then, boom. Cain Velasquez gets hurt. And I was literally driving to work one morning and I said, 'You know what? This makes sense. Let's see if we can do this.'"

"I'm already prepared mentally – it's going to be a tough season," White said. "I deal with Brock in very short spurts. The guy fights two to three times a year, and it's always tough. It's going to be an interesting six weeks of filming. ... (Brock) is not exactly a happy-go-lucky guy. Who knows what's going to happen this season. I do know it's going to be very interesting to see."


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RaginRedneck169 site profile image  

1/13/11 5:58 PM by RaginRedneck169

Dana will never pink slip Brock, if anything, I think if JDS beats him(I think he will), Brock will retire.  Anyone know how many fights he has left on his contract? I agree that Brock will likely bring in a good coaching crew, kind of taking a GSP approach. Brock can obviously teach these guys about wrestling and conditioning....striking and BJJ not so much.  He brings in experts for that. The big question is, it seems every year a TUF participant talks shit to one of the coaches....who is going to talk shit to Lesnar and how will he react?  LOL  

oyeguey site profile image  

1/13/11 5:42 PM by oyeguey

 Here are my thoughts http://www.mmasucka.com/2011/01/coaching-the-world-to-still-believe-in-the-beastanalyzing-tuf-13/ I think Brock cannot coach himself, but brings an outstanding crew and another bad outing will mean a pink slip for him. But, I think this promo and  agood showing puts him in a respectable light and  a legit hw again.

soldierdad5417 site profile image  

1/13/11 10:09 AM by soldierdad5417

 Yep, that's what makes his fetal position defense even more awesome.

supersaiyan site profile image  

1/12/11 8:35 PM by supersaiyan

so true ^^^^

tomfoolery site profile image  

1/12/11 7:57 PM by tomfoolery

The Lesnar nuthugging is strong in this thread.

JerodR site profile image  

1/12/11 6:14 PM by JerodR

Absolutely. He was the guy that was going to "Send Brock back to the WWE". He was a tough enough fight for Fedor, and for Nog. Certainly a tough fight for anyone especially being only their 3rd fight.

fna site profile image  

1/12/11 6:11 PM by fna

 umm, you could say this about any coach and their weaknesses in their respective games or areas that they aren't advanced in did chuck/rampage teach their teams BJJ? did hughes/tito teach their teams standup? did bj teach his team cardio? did shammy teach his guys how to fight in the stone ages against 1 dimensional guys and hang on too long? did franklin teach his guys about defense in the MT clinch?

Nanook site profile image  

1/12/11 5:08 PM by Nanook

I'll be the first to admit personal bias when I say this, but putting that to the side for this question.We all can agree Herring is a good fighter, whether he's top level or not is up for question and a different debate.He was Brock's third professional fight.. He's not an easy win for a ten year veteran, let alone an MMA newcomer.

My2cents site profile image  

1/12/11 4:54 PM by My2cents

Hey allamericanboxing- How can you put Tito and Koscheck in the same sentence as bad coaches? Didn't Tito win best coach of TUF award? I agree Koscheck was not a great coach, but Tito, like him or hate him, really made it about improving the fighters he was working with. He gave it his all as a coach.

Sho_Gunn site profile image  

1/12/11 4:51 PM by Sho_Gunn

-Im sure you've probably been saying this since he joined the UFC.