Royce: UFC in Brazil is because of my family

by Marcelo Alonso | source:

Marcelo Alonso: Do you think the world today gives the Gracie family and your father the recognition they deserve for the important role they have played in MMA history?

Royce Gracie: The staff of the UFC does completely, no doubt about that, so they want to bring the event here. Without Gracie jiu-jitsu and the Gracie family, there wouldn’t be the UFC. They know of this connection, so they want to bring the event back here. We talked yesterday, and they said my family was the reason they are bringing it here: ‘What your father created and what you did in the ring is the reason we’re bringing the event back to Brazil.’ They are with a sport that is growing worldwide, so they want to give back what they earned with our family.

MA: Can we expect Royce Gracie to fight in Brazil?

RG: We are negotiating.

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PJ Benn Fan site profile image  

1/14/11 9:05 AM by PJ Benn Fan

No interest in seeing Royce fight. After all these years, he still has no striking and people have caught up and surpassed his BJJ. I mean if they throw some chooch in there for him, sure he has a chance. But I would rather see a more complete fighter in there TBH

Steve4192 site profile image  

1/14/11 8:48 AM by Steve4192


JeremyLambert88 site profile image  

1/13/11 7:42 PM by JeremyLambert88

If Royce is going to fight again, he needs to fight someone just as old or not highly skilled. I've already said that if they can do Gracie/Sakuraba 3, that's the fight they should do. I like the Gracie/Kimbo fight as well. Hell, Gracie/Toney would be fine.Last thing I want to see though is Gracie take on someone like Josh Koscheck and just get absolutely destroyed.

MrBoone site profile image  

1/13/11 7:37 PM by MrBoone


Loiosh site profile image  

1/13/11 6:25 PM by Loiosh

You want an old-school style match-up, it'd be hard to top Royce vs Kimbo. One dimensional BJJ guy vs one dimensional puncher. That shit's straight off the UFC 1 card.

Zedlepln site profile image  

1/13/11 5:40 PM by Zedlepln

My first choice is still Fred Ettish.

bhealthy site profile image  

1/13/11 5:38 PM by bhealthy

royce re-matching the rubber guard master atr jimmerson to retore family honour would pack the house

fhk2 site profile image  

1/13/11 5:20 PM by fhk2

UFC Brzil, must have a Gracie....I get it, but why can Roger cover for him....Royce is 44 now!

Peoria Athletic Club site profile image  

1/13/11 1:31 PM by Peoria Athletic Club

Gracies or not... the UFC wouldnt be there if it werent for money. But the Gracies are getting their due for sure. They started it all man!

Jonny Quest site profile image  

1/13/11 1:08 PM by Jonny Quest

I agree. It's the only way he should enter the octagon.