Is the UFC really considering bringing Royce back?

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Marcelo Alonso: Can we expect Royce Gracie to fight in Brazil?
Royce Gracie: We are negotiating (laughs).

MA: How old are you?
RG: I am 44 years old. My father fought his last fight at 53, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

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Royce Gracie hasn't fought since a decision victory over Kazushi Sakuraba in 2007.

The idea of Royce fighting at the UFC's return to Brazil seems crazy but is not without precedent:
At UFC 112, Royce's cousin, Renzo Gracie made his UFC debut at the ripe age of 43 having also not fought since 2007.
UFC 110 had scheduled a bout between Elvis Sinosic and Chris Haseman. Sinosic hadn't fought since 2007 while his opponent, Haseman is 40 years old.

Presumably you would match Gracie up with someone with a big name who doesn't really have the firepower that would send Gracie closer to that great dojo in the sky. Hughes is out of the question as no one in their right mind wants to see that again. You couldn't possibly put him against BJ Penn or GSP as murder is illegal and the rest of the welterweight division are too powerful and too uninteresting to make that match.

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Who would you want to see Royce matched up with? Harold Howard is still in lock up, so revenge for the loss on his record is remarkably unlikely. Jason DeLucia does Aikido now. There are internet reports that Kimo Leopoldo has passed away. Renzo may still be under contract, but no Gracie would ever fight another for money. James Toney has not been at 176 in over 15 years..

Ken Shamrock just lost a court judgement to the UFC, so maybe a rubberish match with the fellow UFC Hall of Famer could be worked out in settlement. More feasible might be a rubber match with Sakuraba.

Who would you most want to see fight Royce Gracie fight at UFC Brazil II?

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InspiritMick site profile image  

1/15/11 12:06 PM by InspiritMick

 Finally someone says what everyone is thinking. This must happen

Lee Conway site profile image  

1/15/11 11:59 AM by Lee Conway

I hope they bring him back just once. Would be nice to see Royce against a decent fighter in Brazil.

StevetheWeasel site profile image  

1/15/11 11:47 AM by StevetheWeasel

V GSP for the belt. Only match that makes sense.

Bacdacufup site profile image  

1/15/11 11:45 AM by Bacdacufup

Are we actually having this discussion?

SPA75 site profile image  

1/15/11 11:24 AM by SPA75

Have Royce fight Renzo.

CLINTK9 site profile image  

1/15/11 11:07 AM by CLINTK9

Royce Gracie vs Frank Shamrock would be Ideal!Royce the man, vs the other Shamrock (who fought on the 1st ufc Brazil card too!

TheSkywalker site profile image  

1/15/11 7:45 AM by TheSkywalker

Coleman or Shamrock.There's no reason to encourage James Toney.

HELWIG site profile image  

1/14/11 6:41 PM by HELWIG

 Royce-Oleg is great. BJJ X Sambo. Oleg is also the only man in MMA, NHB, or ADCC to ever submit Kerr. Although both were way over the hill already. I think Royce/Coleman could be sick too.

JDkoa site profile image  

1/14/11 5:31 PM by JDkoa

Quality idea... I'm down.

Mark Hunter site profile image  

1/13/11 11:41 PM by Mark Hunter

Do you have any idea about Renzo's financial situation? If you did, you'd know that money wasn't likely his motivation. He may have fought for reasons that you don't agree with, but I doubt if it was "to collect a check." Another TUF newb displaying his ignorance, IMO.