Overeem's title not up for grabs in Grand Prix

by John Morgan | source: mmajunkie.com

Today, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker clarified many of the questions that needed to be addressed.

First up, Alistair Overeem's title will not be on the line in the tournament. And while there were some suggestions that every fight in the tournament would be contested as five-round affairs, instead, that will only happen in the grand prix finals, when a newly created Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix title will be on the line.

"All quarterfinal and semifinal matches will be scheduled for three, five-minute rounds," Coker said. "The tournament final will be five, five-minute rounds for the Strikeforce world grand prix championship."

"If any fight results in a draw, an independent fourth judge will determine who advances or who wins based on the fighter's overall performance in the fight," Coker said. "We will have a fourth judge on hand scoring the fight independently of the three that we normally have."

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RighteousWeed site profile image  

1/14/11 11:16 PM by RighteousWeed

I don't know... think about it... if done correctly, the hw gp title holder would basically be the number one contender. if reem is beaten later in the tourney then he could claim pulling out or going light to save himself for a title defense... or... more likely... the paper champ will be beaten, retain his title for a while so first and second annual gp tourney champs could face eachother and then be considered the strikeforce no. 1 contender...think long-term investment of the fighters-into-the-organization...but kinda lame... still i know i'll be watchin it!FTR, i never post, just read once in a while, mostly only top news stuff... wish there was more. wanted to respond to the thread and yours seemed simple enough to ramble to.

Bad Monkey site profile image  

1/14/11 9:26 PM by Bad Monkey

 In this scenario Fedor could potentialy fight Barnett for the GP title also.  Why anyone could complain about a tournament that has the potential for so many orgasmic fights (no homo) is beyond my comprehension.

Darth BLAF site profile image  

1/14/11 12:56 PM by Darth BLAF

Every Pride GP was two fights in the same night to win it with the only single fights coming in the elimination rounds. Which is why it's ridiculous that people keep comparing this GP to anything Pride did or the SEG era UFC did. The name they chose is the only similarity. Nothing else is. Any reasonable thinking person knows that the result of a multi-fight tournament can be skewed by the match-ups and won't necessarily determine who the better individual fighter is. They should have stuck with the idea that Overeem/Werdum is for the title and each future opponent of the winner of that is a title fight until they've finished 3 title fights.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

1/14/11 12:45 PM by JimmersonzGlove

 If I remember right, part of the reason the Pride title wasnt on the line was because GP fights were 15 mins instead of the standard 20. Also, for the semi's/finals, its 2 fights in one night, and thats not fair to the champ. The belt in this SF tourney should ABSOLUTELY be on the line. Bad move by Coker. Total bummer.

The National site profile image  

1/14/11 11:36 AM by The National


leifdawg site profile image  

1/14/11 11:24 AM by leifdawg

I assume the official fighter records will record a draw, but the 4th judge will just determine who moves on in the tournament.

liquidrob site profile image  

1/14/11 9:26 AM by liquidrob

linear titles are always on the line, at the end of the day who gives a crap about the belt when all these fights are taking place, this is the best thing to happen in MMA for a long timeI for one wish the belt would be on the line, but I guess they dont want one guy having to go 5 rounds and not the rest of the field

vruntson site profile image  

1/14/11 9:17 AM by vruntson

I have only skimmed through page one of this thread and the amount of stupidity is too overwhelming.

vruntson site profile image  

1/14/11 9:16 AM by vruntson

Where is the common sense?How can you stalemate a tourny? You cannot have a draw in the quarters or semis.

vruntson site profile image  

1/14/11 9:13 AM by vruntson

Twat!!!UFC has all the courage of a Meer cat when it comes to pushing the envelope. Where is the UFC tourny? The UFC cannot match this.