Meltzer: Coker should kick Barnett out of SFGP


“I was absolutely shocked because it’s basically throwing in the towel ... you know if there was any doubts or any way for him to clear his name, that ain’t the way to do it.”

“You know the whole thing that happened from start-to-finish makes you question everything ... there has been hearing after hearing where something didn’t happen, where once he doesn’t show up, you know last time he doesn’t bring his lawyer and now he’s just not going to be there at all ... at this point, if he doesn’t come I think it’s pretty clear they’re not going to give him a license.”

“If California doesn’t give him a license, sure, you can go commission shop, but that makes Coker and Strikeforce look bad for putting a guy in a tournament that no-showed a hearing to get reinstated after a steroid test violation and also there’s going to be states like Nevada and New Jersey, powerful states where he’s not going to be able to fight ... Honest to God if he doesn’t go, if I was the promoter, no question, if I was the promoter in this situation, if I’m Coker, I’m telling him, dude, you change your mind and you get to that commission and you ask, I’m sorry I applied late, get me on the docket. Because if you’re not on that docket and they don’t approve you, I got to kick you out of the tournament. You got to. Because you can’t go in there and go, well, you know, what if Josh wins? We can’t have the final in San Jose. We can’t have the finals in Jersey, we can’t have the finals in Vegas.”

“I guess you could keep going to Texas, but then it also looks bad. Don’t get me wrong, boxing did the same thing with Margarito and they did, you know, 1 million plus buys with Margarito and Pacquaio, so it’s not like it’s something that hasn’t been done by boxing and it’s not something unprecedented or anything like that. But I think it’s bad for the promotion and I think it’s bad for all concerned and I don’t understand. For himself, I think it looks bad because now it’s going to be, you ran away from a hearing. He already has three positives. But running away from the hearing, I mean people are going to go OK, you know what evidence do they have on him? What is he hiding? You know he’s not even going to show up and fight?"

“To me, I couldn’t put the guy in the tournament. And he’s not instrumental in the tournament. I mean, if it was Werdum or it was Overeem or Fedor, one of those big three, you know maybe you go and give leeway because they’re so important to the tournament. Barnett is not, you know. It’s nice and he was a star in PRIDE and some people remember that, but he hasn’t don’t anything of major significance in MMA in years anyway. He may very well be still a very good fighter, you know, you don’t know until you see him against top competition. I mean, what I’ve seen of him in his recent fights, I can say, you know, he hasn’t looked great or anything like that. The Yvel fight he dominated but didn’t finish, and then the Geronimo dos Santos, that was a guy who was not top caliber by any means ... he won the fight, but that’s immaterial anyway.

“I was stunned when I read that ... from that last hearing, you bring your lawyer, you go in there, you act contrite.”

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CharlesLewis site profile image  

1/17/11 7:03 PM by CharlesLewis

 I'm waiting for one person who actually knows one PED from another to chime in against their use. The term "steroids" isn't even accurate...

CharlesLewis site profile image  

1/17/11 6:58 PM by CharlesLewis

 As a former fighter myself, I have to wonder if I'd be as broken down as I am today if I had used some of these substances. Most fans don't understand that most of the substances we catch these guys using are for repairing damage.

CharlesLewis site profile image  

1/17/11 6:55 PM by CharlesLewis

Pro Wrestlers dropping like flies has less to do with "steroids" than with cocaine, pain killers, brain trauma and sleeping pills. I have friends in that industry, and that's pretty widely known. If you're trying to use Benoit as an example: don't. His brain scans post-mortem confirmed most rational analyst's expectations: he had the brain of an 80 year old, from repeated brain trauma. Steroids had nothing to do with it. Remind me again which PEDs cause "strain and depression"? If these atheletes could come out in the open and do what they need to do under a DOCTOR's supervision, they'd be better off. Just ask them. Or should we go with your uninformed opinion?  

AlphaSlap site profile image  

1/17/11 5:55 PM by AlphaSlap

LOL at this forum, lemme get this are not juicing if you do not get caught? Then why are there ANY threads about Overeem and Lesner using PEDs?Court of public opinion IMO.Also, quit saying that Barnett killed a promotion. People drop out of fights routinely, Affliction put all of their eggs in one basket. That is like blaming your hand for going all in and losing.

molsonmuscle360 site profile image  

1/17/11 5:41 PM by molsonmuscle360

So in other words, you don't give a flying fuck about the long term health of the fighters as long as they can show up multiple times a year to fight for you huh? Do you really want MMA to end up like pro wrestling? Will you say the same thing when some fighter goes off the deep end and kills someone or kills himself because of the strain and depression that many of the PED's have as side effects?

Employer site profile image  

1/17/11 5:21 PM by Employer

Steroids when used under a doctor's supervision are a great help to the healing process that an professional fighter has to go through. This isn't baseball, this is fighting, the amount of damage that these guys withstand is mind-blowing. If they need something to help them recover faster from the damage they take for our fat asses who sit on the couch and cheer for the spilling of their blood, I'm all for it.

yhknq site profile image  

1/17/11 4:52 PM by yhknq

now looks like they will be ducking the us commissions Scott Coker considering Canada, Japan for Strikeforce grand-prix host sites

cincibill site profile image  

1/14/11 11:22 PM by cincibill

SF HW is much better than UFC HW. Let them all juice for my entertainment and amusement.

evangelico site profile image  

1/14/11 11:13 PM by evangelico

the 01ers have saved this thread

WoodenPupa site profile image  

1/14/11 9:06 PM by WoodenPupa

To be fair it was an off the cuff interview, and not an article, but his comments are worth critiquing.