Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard III at UFC 130 opens as a pick 'em

by John Morgan | source:

A third and hopefully decisive matchup between UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard has opened as a pick 'em bout.

Noted MMA oddsmaker and frequent radio guest Joey Oddessa  told Radio he's set the initial line at -115 for both fighters.

The opening line likely will be picked up by the major sportsbooks and will fluctuate as money comes in on each fighter.

"Now for the third meeting between the two, I opened the bout a pick 'em -115 again, and the early support has been all Edgar. Edgar is currently -130 betting favorite in the trilogy fight.

"I always say the money doesn't lie. As a fan of money and the truth, I think Edgar may not lose a round of the rematch, but people will still find reason to bet Maynard after they continue to watch the preview highlight shows leading up to the event."

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Edgar vs. Maynard III will be held at UFC 130, which is expected to take place May 28 in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Oddessa site profile image  

1/17/11 9:37 PM by Oddessa

 Sports Betting: Billy Walters: from last nights CBS 60 Minutes Interview. A must see for bettors.

Brock75thRanger site profile image  

1/16/11 12:55 AM by Brock75thRanger

also Frankie has the confidence,Maynard is the one who has to feel like the 1st round was a fluke.Once Frankie adjusted then Maynard had nothing for him

Jsteven site profile image  

1/16/11 12:52 AM by Jsteven

 If it werent for the 1st round Edgar wins easily I just dont think Gray lands that punch again.

Brock75thRanger site profile image  

1/16/11 12:49 AM by Brock75thRanger

rounds 3 through 5 tend to show who is the better fighter,who is able to adjust and who isnt.I think rounds 2-5 are much more likely then the lone round 1 so i give a huge edge to FrankieMaynard couldnt have fought any better in round 1 and Frankie couldnt have fought any worse.Seems very unlikely to happen again

FormrChamp site profile image  

1/15/11 10:54 PM by FormrChamp

Maynard finishes him in the 2nd via TKO....Book it......!

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

1/15/11 9:49 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 i think frank will dance all night and point fight to victory this time without taking and shots that rock the shit out of him

shb site profile image  

1/15/11 8:59 PM by shb


Oddessa site profile image  

1/15/11 8:54 PM by Oddessa

 I thought correct judging in this order would have been in this order.  1. Edgar win 2. Draw 3. Maynard win (Its been beaten to death but felt. Maynard got shorted IF  RD 1 was 10-7 and or Gray won RD 3 and/or 5. I have still only watched bout 1x. But so did the judges before handing in scorecards) I read alot of solid arguments for both sides in the mma, gaming, and  and forum  community and found many people were bitching about the DRAW result...leaning towards a  Maynard win.   But that aside and more importantly, the  general consensus of the  wagering community,  which is  relavent to the odds,  generally felt Gray got the shaft...  which may or may not have been oppsite the media and/or mma fan  poll consensus..   My comment was based on the players. Common ground. Draw was fair. But the 3rd bout is justified and will obiously end all doubts...we hope...  IMHO Edgar will sweep 4 out of 5 in bout 3.

AceAtGSU site profile image  

1/15/11 7:16 PM by AceAtGSU

I thought more people considered Edgar the winner of the fight??I know I had it at rounds 2-5 for Edgar and rnd 1 being a 10-8. I get the draw, not sure how people saw Maynard winning it?

Oddessa site profile image  

1/15/11 6:35 PM by Oddessa

  1/16/2011 1:00 PM EST SEATTLE SEAHAWKS 40   43 41.5 42 43 42.5o07 43 62% 81% OVER 77% CHICAGO BEARS -10   -10 -10 -10 -10 -10 -04 -10 38% 19% UNDER 23%