Cole Miller: Fighting Cerrone would be a step down


“I’m just tired of this guy and his same old song,” Miller said about Cerrone when speaking to MMAWeekly Radio. “Every time I see this guy he just wants to talk about how he wants to fight me, and beat my ass because I beat Leonard. Waah, waah, waah.”

Looking back at the fight he had with Garcia, Miller points out that he doesn’t even remember Cerrone, but he admits they’ve had a few words since then.

“I don’t even remember him being there,” Miller commented. “I saw him I guess about a year later, and he expressed to me that he wanted to fight me. So ever since, every time we see each other, we kind of have a little bit of a verbal battle.”

“I don’t think he’s horrible or anything like that, I really like his style as a fighter, but I think as far as the level, that he would be a step down from Matt Wiman,” said Miller.

“I’d be happy to fight Cowboy whenever, at any weight, I don’t care.”

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JustBlogGuy site profile image  

1/27/11 9:35 AM by JustBlogGuy

A TUF alum who has a better record in the UFC than Cerrone had in the WEC. 7-3 in the UFC trumps 6-3 in the WEC any day of the week.The WEC's deepest division? Really? They have two guys ranked in the top-25, Henderson and Pettis, who in turn represent the only top-25 opponents on either's record. The division was so deep that a total of three of the guys being brought over are fighting on the main card (Cerrone not being one of them, and Kamal only doing so as a sacrificial lamb to set up Miller-GSot) and even the two that aren't being set-up specifically to lose still have a very good chance of doing so. Wiman is higher in the division than Cerrone, and thus it is a step down. Now that Miller lost, a step down is in order, so it actually makes sense beyond the obvious sense of them hyping it themselves. But just because Cerrone got to fight in a televised minor league organization doesn't change the fact he was fighting in the minors, and had a lower winning percentage than Wiman has had in the crazy-deep UFC one.

RickStorm site profile image  

1/27/11 3:43 AM by RickStorm

**inserts gif of Cole flicking booger and tv camera**

MMA All Day site profile image  

1/27/11 3:38 AM by MMA All Day

No doubt the best, worst, and everyone in between gets beaten in MMA. I was expecting a close and back and forth battle between Miller and Wiman and seeing Miller totally disregard his normally offensive guard and simply cover up is very different than what I have seen in the past from him.I dont look at things like sickness or even being off as excuses in the fight game. Fighters skillsets are so close and well-rounded nowadays that small things like that can easily be the difference in a fight. I love Michael Jordan, but he wouldnt have won a title fight with the flu. And we all saw what he did to the Jazz while playing basketball with the flu. I like watching any fighter who tries to finish, I was just curious as to why Miller seemed to be simply surviving and not imposing his will.

bubbyDAhawk site profile image  

1/27/11 3:30 AM by bubbyDAhawk

well played response as i now have faith i am talking to a normal far as how cole was performing..he got sick early in the week, thought we were over it..couldve taken some gas out of the take, maybe it couldnt have...not using that as an excuse or anything, but he got popped in the neck early in the night..thought that it would wear off, it just never did, didnt recover well and never really "got off" i guess you could say...winman kept the pressure as he needed and pure out capitalized as he shouldve..was really weird to see that from cole but hey, it happens to the best of us..

MMA All Day site profile image  

1/27/11 3:22 AM by MMA All Day

<blockquote>bubbyDAhawk - MMA all day,from the sounds of it, you dont subscribe much..or youre a troll..if you would have or have at all kept up with any threads on here, you would know cole and i started training together years ago..not your fault for not got any issues with that?</blockquote>I am not a troll, I just simply read more than write on these forums and dont spend a large amount of time on the internet. I admit that I was unaware that you train with Cole, and that does explain a lot. It was honestly just a lame joke, and my position about the fight between Miller and Cerrone remains the same.Props for not being absurd in your response as I now understand why you defend him in this manner. I do not have a problem with you training with him as that would be silly and not make much sense. However, as an MMA fan, I am extremely curious as to why we didnt see the killer instinct in Miller that he has previously displayed. Was he hurt early against Wiman? Do you have any insight as to why he didnt appear to be himself?

bubbyDAhawk site profile image  

1/27/11 3:09 AM by bubbyDAhawk

MMA all day, from the sounds of it, you dont subscribe much..or youre a troll..if you would have or have at all kept up with any threads on here, you would know cole and i started training together years ago..not your fault for not got any issues with that?

MMA All Day site profile image  

1/27/11 2:36 AM by MMA All Day

bubbyDAhawk,Normally I dont and wouldnt pose questions like this to people, but judging from your vigorous defense of Cole Miller I must ask...Do you...LOVE him?Just curious. I dont defend my mom as much as you did Miller in this thread. Given, however, my mom isnt nearly as big of a prick as Miller.

bubbyDAhawk site profile image  

1/27/11 2:35 AM by bubbyDAhawk

gurgel punched cole much more and and they landed just the same..coles guard was way more active though..i see the point and where you are aiming..but coles guard in general was just inactive all around with not sayin ineffective, im sayin non existent movement compared to any other fight..the point you are making is relevant to it being ineffective, im saying yes i see that, but he wasnt moving at all, therefore it was inactive as hell which in return is ineffective..

GROUCHY SMURF site profile image  

1/27/11 2:33 AM by GROUCHY SMURF

^Exactly. Miller wasnt off, Wiman was on and made him look badCerrone is a step up for Miller imo. A tuf alum vs a guy who had title fights in the WEC's deepest division?

MMA All Day site profile image  

1/27/11 2:31 AM by MMA All Day

I think what Miller meant to say was:Fighting Cerrone would be a step down and back into reality.Cerrone is the bigger name and the better fighter, and he will take from Cole whatever he has left as Handsome destroyed him on national TV, probably leaving a bitter shell which will be promptly shattered by Cowboy as he cracks him like an egg and drinks it for protein. (Take that however you like :))